Sunday, October 11, 2009

Dear Friends,
I'm off for quite some times.
Will be back very soon.
Just to inform that I left my mobile phone...

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hectic Weekend

It has been a hectic far.

So yesterday, we woke up early to make sure I'm able to get my bowl of hokkien noodle served hot at Bandar Baru Uda. There's a malay restaurant with a variety of delicious food. And I mean it when I said, delicious. The name of the restaurant is Serambi Uda, a corner lot house cum shop situated at Jalan Padi 3.

So, after done with breakfast we drove all the way to The Zone, but to no avail...we stop at Plaza Angsana and bought a pair of sneakers for the trip. My old Nike sneakers has worn out. Bought in 2005. I'm not a much of a,usually I'll buy a good stuff and use it til the end of it. Coming home, there's a list of things to pack emailed by Puan Raja. Realising that there are some important item left out, so we drove all the way to Aeon Jusco at Tebrau to buy the thermal wear...(man,those thermal wear are also costly!) and bought some gloves, etc...and since my old jeans also worn out...i.e I had no choice but to get a new one....sigh.

Done with shopping...we rushed home, rest for awhile then we went to Kak Su's open house. Its soooo nice to meet her family members who drove all the way from Malacca. Its been ages since the last time I met her lovely parents, her jovial brother, her very pregnant both sister and sister in the nephew and nieces, whom the last time I saw,, the eldest has turned 6! How time flies...

Today, we woke up early and again I had my hokkien noodle (yummy) at BBU. Then we came back home and spring clean the house...tiring?Then Puan Raja rang us and been surveying for the transportation and accomodation from morning til 5.30pm...And what annoyed all 3 of us is the fact that we're unable to book the train ticket via online since Eurostar does not include Malaysia in their list of countries under the billing form....weird isn't it? Silly and weird is more like it. Huh! off to rest...

A lot to be done esp the last minute preparation...