Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Bonding Session

Last Saturday we (Unit Perlucuthakan Harta...fuhh, mouthful to pronounce) went for bowling practise. This is in conjunction to the Bowling's Competition that will be held somewhere in August. I went to pick up Kak Faezah (who claimed 'dah lama tak main' ... yeah right).

By the time we reached there, Boss, Pak Din, Tun Bud and wife together with their adorable kids dah sampai. So, got the shoes, head straight to the lanes. The practise went on smoothly and it became lively when Tuan Hazril joined. Suprisingly, the one who claimed 'dah lama tak main' seems to score X three times in a row! Dashyat...

Later Kak Imah and her husband joined and Puan Maziah and her family came, a bit later. When Boss asked me to add another game, unfortunately the whole lanes were fully booked for a tournament (no wonder ramai pakai jersey merah kuning)
The way I'm gonna tell! (Boss score tinggi...hahaha) and Pak Din's skills amazed us. I was bedazzled by his moves!hihihi

I forgot to snap pics during the practise since Bud brought his canggih I'm expecting to get the photos from him...

The best part is the 'makan' session. We had our lunch (atas ehsan Boss...thank you very the much) at Penang Village. Various Nyonya cuisine were laid on the table for us. Here are some pics of the food and us enjoying the lunch.

The bonding session went on smoothly...both Tuan Dzul and Hazril's wife arrived a bit later. For all that is worth, it was a fun and enjoyable time spent (Quality time ya)

Puan Mazia looking over Kak Faezah (lapaq sgt ka puan?)

Kak Imah's bundle of joy

Bud's Hero

So...tomorrow is Monday. Happy hour sudah lepas...

"Buat Kerja!"

Later peeps.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

The City of JB

Was about to flip thru works when Tun Bud called up and reminded me on a matter to attend at Johor (erk). So, there I was, being a Penangite (and proud of it!) as 'kalut' as I could be, I started dialling the hotel's num (for room purposes), my dad (for car purposes) and my mom (for teman purposes). Went to C3, met Bud and grabbed the white file and rushed straight home.

Since the first day I joined this unit, I've been a frequent traveller. For me to pack up my stuffs would only acquire a couple of mins. However, due to the 'kekalutan', i left a few important items. Whatever...

Going to JB is always a delighted one. Here are a few reasons why I always enjoy the trip to JB.

Numero Uno - The Food.

It would come 2nd after Penang. The food in JB simply and delicious. Here a few pic (based on the food I've yapped on my last post)

How on earth could you resist all these man-made heaven?

Second Reason - The Hotel.

Mutiara to be precise. Nothing much to shout bout except the location (next to mall...tshirt best gile!) and not far from the court either. I tried a few hotels before becoming a frequent guest at Mutiara. New York Hotel (the elevator is damn slow), Putri Pan Pac (a nice view of Singapore yet the price had increased...perhaps due to the Singaporean guest) so the best so far is Mutiara. Unless any new suggestion? The gym at Mutiara is nice too. Been visiting it beberapa kali jugak (sampai sakit kaki...erk)
This is last week's pic of my mom and bro enjoying rojak in the room.

Third Reason - Transportation

Its so easy to get a cab either from the hotel to the court or from the court to anywhere! (seriously). Having said that, thanks to a young gentleman who held the taxi for me. Whoever you are...thanks!

Fourth Reason - Friends
The fact that I know my friends are around it makes me feel safe... altho didn't get to meet them but I know whatever happen or in any emergency situation, they would be around.

Fifth Reason - Simply because...i like it! *grinning widely*

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Day When I Realised I Have A Blog

I've been away for the last whole week starting from last saturday when I've pushed off to Penang for a case. Then, after a couple of days spend there, I rushed back to USJ on wednesday just to push off the next day to JB. I stayed at Mutiara (which both my mom and bro tagged along). Didn't get to meet up Kak Su, Dot and the newcomer - Am as the trip was such a short one. That night we went out for dinner at Meldrum (sorry if salah eja) and had 'ayam penyet' and myself I ate 'pecal lele' (which is similar to ayam penyet yet instead of chicken it is served with catfish). FYI - the food originated from Indonesia. I have the pic which I'll update in a later post. Besides the lovely dish, we ordered soup mamak (sooo nice and thick, stew alike form) and fried beansprout (heaven!) and end up feeling satisfied! JB is definatley food haven after Penang (of course!)
After case I pushed off to USJ and the next day me and my girls met up at The Curve in Mutiara Damansara (its a matter of time before people would call it MD, would they?or maybe never... u know how we Malaysian likes to cut short and call it according to the initials. For example, KJ...which now have 2 meanings..a place and an individual. The weird of all is that BMW some call it BM. Oi, BMW is short enough la!)
Anyway, it was such a fun loving enjoyable time we had! I miss them even when they were around (could it be?). We watched Made of Honour and how pathethic could McDreamy plays as a womaniser when he looks so handsomely innocent + nerdy + geeky. I totally disagree with the role he played (sorry Patrick's fans)
The week was such a hectic one, yet fun and I hope you guys had a nice weekend too!
Later people.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

The Wedding's Pic

As I promised, here's the pics taken from An's wedding.
Tet and Semah even forced the adorable bride and groom to pose on pelamin...(which they did!)

We even posed on the pelamin, arch and everywhere.

Here a pic of us, the bride and Tuan Othman's and his beautiful family.

The next night we went to Pantai Cahaya Bulan (PCB) and had wonderful dinner (ketam goreng, cumi goreng yada yada yada)

The next morning we had breakfast...chotek (i dunno how to pronounce, its roti canai with egg and lotsa gravy). Then we went to Pasar Siti Khadijah. Cantik the pic from top?

That's it for now.
Later people...

Monday, June 9, 2008

The 'Mulut Cili'

Last Friday I and Mazia had lunch together with Yanie and Dila. Lots we talked bout and one of it is on our next conference (yes, its no longer rumours,the next conference is in August and a combination of 3 Divisions) . I just keep my fingers cross hoping and wishing its gonna be a nice and enjoyable conference (this time...erk)... but with triple bosses, let's just face the reality...

We had lunch at The Coast (which by the way, the food is similar to Chillis/TGI yet smaller portion and cheaper). But most of all, its just nice to meet up and spend quality times with friends.
The bride-to be and the wannabe (hihihi)

Me and Yanie (gf sape ntah?)

So, that night I pushed off to Penang around 7 something (since I have a case the next Monday). Supposedly I should be going straight to Thamei's crib, unfortunately, there were lots of cars through out the journey and an accident occured somewhere near the terowong. I arrived late and exhausted... therefore, I had to cancel the initial plan.

The next day myself and mom attended Anis' wedding reception (oh ya, she's 2 years younger from me). She looks so cute and her mother (my mom's bestfriend, better known as ustazah...coz she is one) was soo happy! The food? Nice... in fact they served laksa...but such a long que... and I'm visualising it in my mind still....damn.

Me and mom wearing the same colour (cute kan?hehehe)

Next we went to my uncle's place and how unfortunate, the 'mulut cili' i.e 'chilli mouth'(a nickname I just created for my mom's cousin who simply make comments/remarks without considering people's sensitivity nor feelings...idiot). And it seems, she always make inconsiderate comments upon me. I dunno what's her problem...just because she's a loser, she can't degrade others just to feel nice (aniz, ni kes macam makcik sedara ko yang kata ko tak lawa dulu tu...remember?). So, this time, having nothing else to say, she came up with this idea (god know's where) and commented that I look better with short hair and not pretty having a long one. I, without any hesitation retaliate and told her off that almost all of my friends told me I look way better with long hair and never to cut my hair again (anyway, Nana, secara kebetulan pula hang commented on my friendster *grinning*). Its sad that this type of people exist and its even sadder that it exist in my family :(

The comment went on even when I wasn't around. I went to Thamei's place and later was informed by my mom that mulut cili was such a busybody as she is, asked how and why I had loss weight? Am I on diet or something? And it seems, she said that, my face dropped coz of it (what the ***k?!). I could never see her in the eyes again. Such nasty comments over the years could never be erase easily. Stupid.

Putting that aside, I crashed my pet's place (Thamei) and it was so fun! We lepak, went dinner together with Mr. Syed, went clubbing, make new friends, developed rashes (once again). Thamei's friends are simply nice and the next day we had nice banana leaf rice at Anandha Bhawan, Tanjung Bungah with Jay.
This morning, I went to Georgetown Court and unfortunately (this is the 3rd time i'm using it) my case unable to settle and need to be fix to another date (yey!). So I'll be coming down to Penang again very soon.
Then I brought mom to the bank and while waiting I saw this interesting signboard. Yes, next time, you together with your gold and handphone can borrow money as well.

The journey home was such a pleasent. My grandma join and she is such an adorable lady.

Anyway, I came back and check on my email and YM, but sadly, there is neither email nor msg for me to ease the addiction. I guess I deserve it, afterall, its my fault. I need to attend an anger management course (is there any?)

Later peeps...

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Day When Everything Went Right

I kicked off this morning together with Kak Imah to Shah Alam Court for some matter. We returned to the office a few hours later and ended in Tun Bud's room and fortunately was ambushed by our boss whom ordered all of us to have lunch together. The food fiesta was a bit delayed as all of us went hunting for Puan Maziah. To no avail, we pushed off to Larizzz which an instant nod of agreement by Tuan Dzul after mentioning 'kambing'. We went with 2 cars (gosh,I got to drive Tun Bud's new Honda Civic...damn nice people!). The 'makan2' session went on smoothly (there were some famished faces tho). And as a matter a fact, all the cumi and kambing licin! Here is an aftermath of our 'makan2' session and the satisfied faces...

We hang out for quite some time at the restaurant, chit chatting and pulling one another's legs(yes,its the unit bonding session everyone). In this pic you can see I managed to snap my boss,mr.nice guy (none other than our Tuan Saifuddin) and Puan Asmah laughing obviously at Tuan Hazril's and Tun Bud's joke.
The highlights of the 'makan2' session was when our Tun got stains all over at the back of his shirt. I took a pic, yet didn't get the permission to post it here...hehehe.
Later, we pushed off to the office and hang around while waiting patiently for the unit's meeting. It was fun (meeting pun fun you might ask...well,it was!) and it was adjourned at 6.30 p.m. Next I rushed to pick up Ita to celebrate her birthday. We went for pizza at Piccolo Mundo, Mid Valley and retreat by 9.30 p.m. The journey home was a shocking one...I didn't expect Malaysian to be so kiasu (like you and I know who). There was massive jam at all gas station! (By the way,thanks Pak Lah for the shocking announcement). While I was caught in jam, adalah this one brother sibuk hulur business card from his car window. Boleh la camtu plak?!
I wonder, if I accept and konon menjadi lah...what would I tell my children in the future?
"mama camna kenal papa?"
"er...tepi jalan" (literally!)
Anyhow, my unit is very concern over this matter as we travel a lot...and most of us (esp me!) travel by car. To solve this matter, a calculation need to be made in order to assert the best result i.e is it worth to drive or to travel by air?
Oh ya, tomorrow is batik day... (once again thanks Pak Lah...seriously)
Later peeps.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Travelling Period

It seems I've been travelling endlessly. I've checked my punch card for last month and guess what...I've punched in for work only 7 days while the rest attended courses, meeting and especially working outstation. I even travelled to Penang twice last month and in fact will be going again on the 9th for a hearing at Georgetown Session Court.

The last time I went to Penang was such a blast. I visited my crazy cousins and their parents together with their lovely cats (altho lolo was never kind to me and the fact that lolo got its name from her origin i.e she was found in a longkang) Just look at that big eye...such a notty cat! I call her Psycho Freak!

The day before my case heard, I've crashed Thamei's place which turns out to be a hostel house at YWCA and later was dumped by her (hihihi) since she had to go tag the doctors for the night shift. Nothing left to do, I went out to check out the hotel which supposedly our Prosecution's Conference should be held at i.e the G Hotel (which was later informed postponed to another date and even another location...sigh). Anyhow, I went and discovered it is just next to Gurney Plaza. As you can see the little 'g' on the building there. After roamed for less an hour or so, I went straight back to her place until the saviour Vijay came together with his friend Ray whom had brought me out for dinner (I know Thamei, its you who asked Vijay to pick me). The night went out well as we both (Thamei and I) ended up at a club only to return at 2.30a.m...(kalau mak tau,mampoih). Anyhow, I woke up that morning with a rashes all over my body due to a food allergies (huh!tu la,takmau dengaq cakap mak lagi!). Still I went to the court, finishes everything, picked up mom, dropped by at my uncle's place and managed to get back to KL the same day.

I went to office the next day and nothing much to shout bout and it went all smooth til Friday. That night, I chat with Sari from 9.15p.m til 3.30a.m (its my new addiction...hahaha) and I knew very well the consequence (I'll definately would not be able to reach Semah's place at 7.00 a.m for the trip to Kelantan the next morning). True enough, Semah rang me the next morning at 7.00 a.m and that was my wake up call. I rushed to the bathroom, siap2 ala kadar and drove even way better than the F1 drivers. Just to add the spice, my fuel was nearly empty which I had to stop by the gas station. How unfortunate I was when the gas attendant was being an over-friendly bangladeshi (ko isi minyak sudah la!) he just had to make an extra conversation with me when it was so obvious I had no intention to chit chat! I managed to reach her house at 8.00 a.m and was informed that Tuan Othman and his family went off first (erk).

The journey to Kelantan took about 7-8 hours! (I swear never again to travel there by car).We pushed off from (as for me, from Subang Jaya) Selangor to Genting Highland via Kuala Lipis (yeah2,the hometown of Siti Nurhaliza,wonder there's any strawberry dipped in choc there,hah!) next we went all the way up til Gua Musang. We were exhausted and extremely tired (it was such a hectic day) after arriving at Kelantan we went to An's wedding reception at Pasir Mas. She look so pretty in her wedding baju kebaya dress (sorry guys, wasn't able to snap her pic) and we stayed there for an hour or two. Later we pushed off to Kota Bharu (boleh tahan jauh jugak) and (kepenatan ye) our dearest Tuan Othman just had to drag myself, Semah and Tet to his friend's wedding reception (by the way,we totally have no idea who's reception?!) yet the food there was superb, so okayla.

The trip to Kelantan was definately a memorable one, esp with the 2 crazy chicks (Semah and Tetralina) together with Tuan Othman and his family. We shop for batik like mad (due to the new ruling that the govt officer must wear batik every Thursday mind you all). Next, the last night we had dinner with Puan Raja and Ezwani at Four Seasons Restaurant (the food was such a dissapointment...sorry Bud). Then the next morning, before we push off, we had nasik lemak at rumah sape ntah?! But then again, the nasik lemak was perghhh,sedap!

We arrived at 6.30p.m and nak jadi cerita I left my handbag (bijak2) at Semah's place (setelah berada di KL depan Bank Negara dan berulang ke rumah Asmah yang terletak di Gombak yer). Thus, I arrived home at 8.30 p.m.

As for today, it went on well. Kak Imah had just returned after long holiday. I've learned new things and definately a worth one. We did an affidavit for civil forfeiture. The process? Dashyat...its like you are on a speedboat. We even import Tuan Hazril's wife to sign some documents. We didn't go out for lunch so my dearest boss was nice enough to ask the I.O to buy pizza and fried chicken for us. Here a pic I snapped while we're both busy drafting the affidavit.

To Puan Norizan and Kak Imah, congratulation once again atas kejayaan melahirkan anak masing2 (hehehe) and Sari if you are reading this, I pray things will run smoothly at your new working place and find ways to ym me will you?

Happy Belated Birthday to my dearest cousin Shaneem (2nd June) and Happy Birthday to my dearest friend Ita (4th June).

Later peeps.