Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Day When Everything Went Right

I kicked off this morning together with Kak Imah to Shah Alam Court for some matter. We returned to the office a few hours later and ended in Tun Bud's room and fortunately was ambushed by our boss whom ordered all of us to have lunch together. The food fiesta was a bit delayed as all of us went hunting for Puan Maziah. To no avail, we pushed off to Larizzz which an instant nod of agreement by Tuan Dzul after mentioning 'kambing'. We went with 2 cars (gosh,I got to drive Tun Bud's new Honda Civic...damn nice people!). The 'makan2' session went on smoothly (there were some famished faces tho). And as a matter a fact, all the cumi and kambing licin! Here is an aftermath of our 'makan2' session and the satisfied faces...

We hang out for quite some time at the restaurant, chit chatting and pulling one another's legs(yes,its the unit bonding session everyone). In this pic you can see I managed to snap my boss,mr.nice guy (none other than our Tuan Saifuddin) and Puan Asmah laughing obviously at Tuan Hazril's and Tun Bud's joke.
The highlights of the 'makan2' session was when our Tun got stains all over at the back of his shirt. I took a pic, yet didn't get the permission to post it here...hehehe.
Later, we pushed off to the office and hang around while waiting patiently for the unit's meeting. It was fun (meeting pun fun you might ask...well,it was!) and it was adjourned at 6.30 p.m. Next I rushed to pick up Ita to celebrate her birthday. We went for pizza at Piccolo Mundo, Mid Valley and retreat by 9.30 p.m. The journey home was a shocking one...I didn't expect Malaysian to be so kiasu (like you and I know who). There was massive jam at all gas station! (By the way,thanks Pak Lah for the shocking announcement). While I was caught in jam, adalah this one brother sibuk hulur business card from his car window. Boleh la camtu plak?!
I wonder, if I accept and konon menjadi lah...what would I tell my children in the future?
"mama camna kenal papa?"
"er...tepi jalan" (literally!)
Anyhow, my unit is very concern over this matter as we travel a lot...and most of us (esp me!) travel by car. To solve this matter, a calculation need to be made in order to assert the best result i.e is it worth to drive or to travel by air?
Oh ya, tomorrow is batik day... (once again thanks Pak Lah...seriously)
Later peeps.