Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Travelling Period

It seems I've been travelling endlessly. I've checked my punch card for last month and guess what...I've punched in for work only 7 days while the rest attended courses, meeting and especially working outstation. I even travelled to Penang twice last month and in fact will be going again on the 9th for a hearing at Georgetown Session Court.

The last time I went to Penang was such a blast. I visited my crazy cousins and their parents together with their lovely cats (altho lolo was never kind to me and the fact that lolo got its name from her origin i.e she was found in a longkang) Just look at that big eye...such a notty cat! I call her Psycho Freak!

The day before my case heard, I've crashed Thamei's place which turns out to be a hostel house at YWCA and later was dumped by her (hihihi) since she had to go tag the doctors for the night shift. Nothing left to do, I went out to check out the hotel which supposedly our Prosecution's Conference should be held at i.e the G Hotel (which was later informed postponed to another date and even another location...sigh). Anyhow, I went and discovered it is just next to Gurney Plaza. As you can see the little 'g' on the building there. After roamed for less an hour or so, I went straight back to her place until the saviour Vijay came together with his friend Ray whom had brought me out for dinner (I know Thamei, its you who asked Vijay to pick me). The night went out well as we both (Thamei and I) ended up at a club only to return at 2.30a.m...(kalau mak tau,mampoih). Anyhow, I woke up that morning with a rashes all over my body due to a food allergies (huh!tu la,takmau dengaq cakap mak lagi!). Still I went to the court, finishes everything, picked up mom, dropped by at my uncle's place and managed to get back to KL the same day.

I went to office the next day and nothing much to shout bout and it went all smooth til Friday. That night, I chat with Sari from 9.15p.m til 3.30a.m (its my new addiction...hahaha) and I knew very well the consequence (I'll definately would not be able to reach Semah's place at 7.00 a.m for the trip to Kelantan the next morning). True enough, Semah rang me the next morning at 7.00 a.m and that was my wake up call. I rushed to the bathroom, siap2 ala kadar and drove even way better than the F1 drivers. Just to add the spice, my fuel was nearly empty which I had to stop by the gas station. How unfortunate I was when the gas attendant was being an over-friendly bangladeshi (ko isi minyak sudah la!) he just had to make an extra conversation with me when it was so obvious I had no intention to chit chat! I managed to reach her house at 8.00 a.m and was informed that Tuan Othman and his family went off first (erk).

The journey to Kelantan took about 7-8 hours! (I swear never again to travel there by car).We pushed off from (as for me, from Subang Jaya) Selangor to Genting Highland via Kuala Lipis (yeah2,the hometown of Siti Nurhaliza,wonder there's any strawberry dipped in choc there,hah!) next we went all the way up til Gua Musang. We were exhausted and extremely tired (it was such a hectic day) after arriving at Kelantan we went to An's wedding reception at Pasir Mas. She look so pretty in her wedding baju kebaya dress (sorry guys, wasn't able to snap her pic) and we stayed there for an hour or two. Later we pushed off to Kota Bharu (boleh tahan jauh jugak) and (kepenatan ye) our dearest Tuan Othman just had to drag myself, Semah and Tet to his friend's wedding reception (by the way,we totally have no idea who's reception?!) yet the food there was superb, so okayla.

The trip to Kelantan was definately a memorable one, esp with the 2 crazy chicks (Semah and Tetralina) together with Tuan Othman and his family. We shop for batik like mad (due to the new ruling that the govt officer must wear batik every Thursday mind you all). Next, the last night we had dinner with Puan Raja and Ezwani at Four Seasons Restaurant (the food was such a dissapointment...sorry Bud). Then the next morning, before we push off, we had nasik lemak at rumah sape ntah?! But then again, the nasik lemak was perghhh,sedap!

We arrived at 6.30p.m and nak jadi cerita I left my handbag (bijak2) at Semah's place (setelah berada di KL depan Bank Negara dan berulang ke rumah Asmah yang terletak di Gombak yer). Thus, I arrived home at 8.30 p.m.

As for today, it went on well. Kak Imah had just returned after long holiday. I've learned new things and definately a worth one. We did an affidavit for civil forfeiture. The process? Dashyat...its like you are on a speedboat. We even import Tuan Hazril's wife to sign some documents. We didn't go out for lunch so my dearest boss was nice enough to ask the I.O to buy pizza and fried chicken for us. Here a pic I snapped while we're both busy drafting the affidavit.

To Puan Norizan and Kak Imah, congratulation once again atas kejayaan melahirkan anak masing2 (hehehe) and Sari if you are reading this, I pray things will run smoothly at your new working place and find ways to ym me will you?

Happy Belated Birthday to my dearest cousin Shaneem (2nd June) and Happy Birthday to my dearest friend Ita (4th June).

Later peeps.