Monday, June 9, 2008

The 'Mulut Cili'

Last Friday I and Mazia had lunch together with Yanie and Dila. Lots we talked bout and one of it is on our next conference (yes, its no longer rumours,the next conference is in August and a combination of 3 Divisions) . I just keep my fingers cross hoping and wishing its gonna be a nice and enjoyable conference (this time...erk)... but with triple bosses, let's just face the reality...

We had lunch at The Coast (which by the way, the food is similar to Chillis/TGI yet smaller portion and cheaper). But most of all, its just nice to meet up and spend quality times with friends.
The bride-to be and the wannabe (hihihi)

Me and Yanie (gf sape ntah?)

So, that night I pushed off to Penang around 7 something (since I have a case the next Monday). Supposedly I should be going straight to Thamei's crib, unfortunately, there were lots of cars through out the journey and an accident occured somewhere near the terowong. I arrived late and exhausted... therefore, I had to cancel the initial plan.

The next day myself and mom attended Anis' wedding reception (oh ya, she's 2 years younger from me). She looks so cute and her mother (my mom's bestfriend, better known as ustazah...coz she is one) was soo happy! The food? Nice... in fact they served laksa...but such a long que... and I'm visualising it in my mind still....damn.

Me and mom wearing the same colour (cute kan?hehehe)

Next we went to my uncle's place and how unfortunate, the 'mulut cili' i.e 'chilli mouth'(a nickname I just created for my mom's cousin who simply make comments/remarks without considering people's sensitivity nor feelings...idiot). And it seems, she always make inconsiderate comments upon me. I dunno what's her problem...just because she's a loser, she can't degrade others just to feel nice (aniz, ni kes macam makcik sedara ko yang kata ko tak lawa dulu tu...remember?). So, this time, having nothing else to say, she came up with this idea (god know's where) and commented that I look better with short hair and not pretty having a long one. I, without any hesitation retaliate and told her off that almost all of my friends told me I look way better with long hair and never to cut my hair again (anyway, Nana, secara kebetulan pula hang commented on my friendster *grinning*). Its sad that this type of people exist and its even sadder that it exist in my family :(

The comment went on even when I wasn't around. I went to Thamei's place and later was informed by my mom that mulut cili was such a busybody as she is, asked how and why I had loss weight? Am I on diet or something? And it seems, she said that, my face dropped coz of it (what the ***k?!). I could never see her in the eyes again. Such nasty comments over the years could never be erase easily. Stupid.

Putting that aside, I crashed my pet's place (Thamei) and it was so fun! We lepak, went dinner together with Mr. Syed, went clubbing, make new friends, developed rashes (once again). Thamei's friends are simply nice and the next day we had nice banana leaf rice at Anandha Bhawan, Tanjung Bungah with Jay.
This morning, I went to Georgetown Court and unfortunately (this is the 3rd time i'm using it) my case unable to settle and need to be fix to another date (yey!). So I'll be coming down to Penang again very soon.
Then I brought mom to the bank and while waiting I saw this interesting signboard. Yes, next time, you together with your gold and handphone can borrow money as well.

The journey home was such a pleasent. My grandma join and she is such an adorable lady.

Anyway, I came back and check on my email and YM, but sadly, there is neither email nor msg for me to ease the addiction. I guess I deserve it, afterall, its my fault. I need to attend an anger management course (is there any?)

Later peeps...