Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Day When I Realised I Have A Blog

I've been away for the last whole week starting from last saturday when I've pushed off to Penang for a case. Then, after a couple of days spend there, I rushed back to USJ on wednesday just to push off the next day to JB. I stayed at Mutiara (which both my mom and bro tagged along). Didn't get to meet up Kak Su, Dot and the newcomer - Am as the trip was such a short one. That night we went out for dinner at Meldrum (sorry if salah eja) and had 'ayam penyet' and myself I ate 'pecal lele' (which is similar to ayam penyet yet instead of chicken it is served with catfish). FYI - the food originated from Indonesia. I have the pic which I'll update in a later post. Besides the lovely dish, we ordered soup mamak (sooo nice and thick, stew alike form) and fried beansprout (heaven!) and end up feeling satisfied! JB is definatley food haven after Penang (of course!)
After case I pushed off to USJ and the next day me and my girls met up at The Curve in Mutiara Damansara (its a matter of time before people would call it MD, would they?or maybe never... u know how we Malaysian likes to cut short and call it according to the initials. For example, KJ...which now have 2 meanings..a place and an individual. The weird of all is that BMW some call it BM. Oi, BMW is short enough la!)
Anyway, it was such a fun loving enjoyable time we had! I miss them even when they were around (could it be?). We watched Made of Honour and how pathethic could McDreamy plays as a womaniser when he looks so handsomely innocent + nerdy + geeky. I totally disagree with the role he played (sorry Patrick's fans)
The week was such a hectic one, yet fun and I hope you guys had a nice weekend too!
Later people.