Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Out of bound

How was your Eid Celebration? Mine was sucks *lol*. Regardless, I am still counting my blessings.

This is a picture taken somewhere in Jun or July. This picture was taken right after Dr. Azma gave her statement in the court. She's a forensic doctor specialised in odontology. Creepy as it sound, she took the sample out of a dead body, yet to me, she is very brave indeed. In this picture is our very much reliable I.O - ASP Merbin, Dr.Azma herself, Tuan Umar and yours truly, while the shot was photographed by Amy.

Right now I'm supposed to prepare for my PPK (shuxs). As I was checking my mails, this picture surface and what the heck, I just upload it in my blog then. Oh ya, raya picture belum upload. Later la.
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Thursday, September 9, 2010

Eid ul-Fitr!

'Esok Hari Raya!'
As most muslims are looking forward to celebrate this auspicious day.Well, frankly, am not so excited. The reason behind it?
Despite the family friction, I've received my PPK questions...aiyah.
Again, deja vu as it may be, I'll be sitting for my PPK exam a week after Raya. So, there goes "jolly good time".

Secondly, I have no baju raya. Envious with my fellow fren, antaranya Jas who seems to be unable to make up her mind whether to wear which baju raya out of 3 choices that she has..(hahaha) and the fact that my other fren's young ones/babies pun have their own baju raya...while I have none! Too late to shop la (malas is more like it)

But then again, I'm in Penang! The best part of it, break fast time is sooo nice. So farewell ayam penyet, pecal lele, briyani gam etc...for now. 2 weeks of holiday in Penang? I should be happy...but somehow PPK is bugging me. Amy is kind enough to lend me her netbook for me to do some research. Couldn't thank her much.

Anyway, Happy Eid to all!