Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Engagement's Photo

Here are the pictures taken from Ayu's engagement the other day...
Me and Yanie (who tot tht we were the earliest to arrive) suprised to see Jihan and Intan there...They were diligently concentrating on stories told by Ayu's aunty (hihihi). Next to our pic is a pic of Jihan (insanely focused) and Intan (insanely ignoring and posed). However, the three of us managed to escaped and posed...(sorry Yanie you kena amik gambar) We waited there for Ayu...managed to take a glimpse at her and I took few snaps...
Ayu's preparation...step by step...

Comel kan?

While they prepared this pretty girl, we were waiting anxiously... (ye ke?)

The next day I went outing with Ita and watched Iron Man. We ate at my fave stall :
  1. Ah Cheng's Laksa (5 teh tarik!)
  2. A.J's waffle - choc and peanut butter (5 teh tarik!)
Us, enjoying the waffle.
To Ayu, congratulation once again...your present nanti ye?muahsss!
Later people.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Course at ILKAP

Today I woke up at 8.05 am. Its nice not to go to work, but on the other hand, I am not on vacation la wei. Later I rushed to Bangi to attend a forfeiture, seizure (what?!) course. I have no particulars of this course so as usual I went to register (Ended up at Puan Khadijah's floor...I admit, I got lost!) then after waiting for the registration, I was then informed that this course is not under the management of ILKAP as it is organized by the IAD (International Div). Entered half an hour late, I was alone, recognising one or two faces, just sat and kept quiet. However, the speaker (mat salleh nyibuk je nak ice breaking) roll the ball by asking us to introduce ourselves. As usual, boringgg...

Then Tuan Budiman arrived at the scene (thank god!a saviour he is) and later another familiar face, Fitrah joined. So, I guess, it is still a boring course, but its not gonna be that bad afterall. Between, I'm at the library, followed Kim just to pass the time before class starts at 2.

Anyway, I've watched Iron Man yesterday and I would highly recommend it to you. Robert Downey Jr excellently potrays Tony Spark. Its not too much for me to say that the character somehow was created for him. A day earlier I've watched him in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and loved the character played by him as well. Then he continues to excel in Iron Man (walaupun I rasa tak confident dia jadi hero sebab dah tua and he's kinda sissy but he did it! In his on way).

Oh ya, I promised to upload Ayu's engagement photos. Will be posting soon...Okay people, its 1.45 pm...(dragging myself to class...)

Sunday, May 18, 2008

The Engagement

Yesterday and today i've done absolutely nothing but watching back to back movie marathon. I kicked it off with the Flatliners (it was shot 18 years ago mind you...Julia Roberts with her big curly hair...mat salleh buat apsal cam okay je?!huh,but then again if you look like Julia Robert,sure la okay)

Then, for the first time i watched Meet Joe Black (no wonder girls drool over Brad Pitt, altho i'm not a fan of his,but his character in this movie would be an exception) and yes, its a very weird romantic movie. But until now, I still can't compromise with the idea of malaikat maut to have feelings for human, especially to fall in love...weird! (after all, its Hollywood) Next I tuned to Nacho Libre (no wonder Jack Black married to a beautiful lady) He's hilarious! I guess this is the 3rd time I watched it. Never get tired of him. Now this morning I was glued to the screen watching The Thin Red Line...(all this while thinking that its a boring heavy drama flick...)Being glued and unable to keep my eyes shut, to the extent I was even reluctant to visit the toilet (until I have to) so I won't miss any scene. Somehow it cross my mind, perhaps this is a way or method of showing the Hollywoods' protesting the war which shamely it is somehow of the creation of their own administration (ouch!) Next I'm watching Kiss Kiss Bang Bang...Val Kilmer plays a gay...wonder how he gonna pull it off.

Between, today is my besfriends' engagement... Farah Nurul Ayu to Zulharry. Alamak, haven't got the chance to shop hadiah...Here i post a photo of the cute lovely couple (I love this pic coz they both look happy). Tahniah!

Friday, May 16, 2008

BPR photo

I dunno how many of you already have this photo.What the heck, view and save it if you want it. (please notice the middle girl in pink..he he he)
Uhh,my tummy is playing heavy metal music now...

The Blog

Today i certainly feel like the day when I should get myself a blog of my own (actually this creation derives out of boredome and obviously was driven by the idea of Fadzillah). I have no idea on managing this blog yet my friends are good (yes you Mazia, Aniz and Am). Therefore, I will get these 'gurus' to teach me a thing or two.

Today is the day all of us look forward to (oh yes,its Friday!)
I will introduce you people to my blog where there is Elin (the author, writer, blogger whatever you may call it) and the second voice which will always interrupt or share piece of mind through the bracket. If that is weird or leading to anoyance, too bad (suka hati i le)

Today at 5.15pm I was informed by Kak Faezah to attend a course at ILKAP next Tuesday after she was informed by the great Mr Selam...(element of suprise does not exist here in the office). Btw, i would love to write more yet my tummy is performing a rock show (lapar lagi ke?). Well, its time to head home...