Friday, May 16, 2008

The Blog

Today i certainly feel like the day when I should get myself a blog of my own (actually this creation derives out of boredome and obviously was driven by the idea of Fadzillah). I have no idea on managing this blog yet my friends are good (yes you Mazia, Aniz and Am). Therefore, I will get these 'gurus' to teach me a thing or two.

Today is the day all of us look forward to (oh yes,its Friday!)
I will introduce you people to my blog where there is Elin (the author, writer, blogger whatever you may call it) and the second voice which will always interrupt or share piece of mind through the bracket. If that is weird or leading to anoyance, too bad (suka hati i le)

Today at 5.15pm I was informed by Kak Faezah to attend a course at ILKAP next Tuesday after she was informed by the great Mr Selam...(element of suprise does not exist here in the office). Btw, i would love to write more yet my tummy is performing a rock show (lapar lagi ke?). Well, its time to head home...