Sunday, September 27, 2009

1 Malaysia?

This entry of mine potrays how very emotional I am. Recently, I received an email from an old friend of mine. This email was forwarded by our fellow Malaysian whom does not know the history of Malaysia yet dare to question on the thing which is clearly he/she does not know.

The email entitled 'This Is Call "One Malaysia"??

Now explain why Bumi afford to have so many children
One or two Malaysia??

Being furious, I emailed this friend of mine telling him/her to please trace Malaysia history and read topic on 'Contract Social' before passing such comment.

To my suprise, I got a reply... "I dun understand wht u mean by contract social, can u explain to me~~~ im so sorry if i forward this mail to make u inconvenient~~~"

So? Here we go...

(Her full name),
Based on your last email, obviously you and those who forwarded it has misinterpreted the notion of 1 Malaysia. The definition of 1 Malaysia is 'unity' among all races priorly the bumiputra (malays, natives of sabah and sarawak as well as peninsular) and the non-bumis (chinese, indian and others). For 'unity' to stand, 'respect' must come along.

For your better understanding, I'll explain this briefly in Bahasa Melayu. Before I continue discussing the matter in hand, I would appreciate it if you could forward this to all your friends esp the one who started circulating this msg. This is the history of our beloved country.

Sebelum wujudnya 'Malaysia'...kita pernah dijajah beratus tahun lamanya oleh negara2 luar antaranya oleh British, Belanda, Jepun dan akhirnya British sebelum merdeka. British telah bahagikan tanah dan kuasa antara Belanda dan Sepanyol. British - Malaysia, Belanda - Indonesia dan Sepanyol - Filipina. Tanah asal ketiga2 negara ini dikenali sebagai 'kepulauan melayu' dan semenanjung malaysia kini dahulunya dikenali sebagai 'tanah semenanjung emas'. Kemudian dikenali sebagai 'Tanah Melayu'.

Sewaktu dalam pemerintahan British, imgran dari China dan India telah dibawa ke 'Tanah Melayu'. Kaum India bekerja di sektor pertanian khususnya sebagai penoreh di estate getah manakala kaum Cina bekerja sebagai pelombong tin, tukang bina bangunan etc.

Dan sebelum kemerdekaan, ekonomi Tanah Melayu dimonopoli oleh kaum Cina manakala kaum Melayu ketinggalan di kampung dan kaum India terpinggir di estate. Wujudnya ketidakstabilan dari segi sosial dan ekonomi, maka tiga wakil dari Melayu, Cina dan India telah berbincang dan bersetuju mendapatkan penyelesaian. Tunku Abdul Rahman - Melayu dan golongan peribumi, Tun Tan Cheng Lok - Cina dan Tun Sambathan - India.

Tunku kemudian membuat keputusan memohon kemerdekaan dari British dan perkara ini diterima baik oleh rakyat Tanah Melayu. Bagaimana dengan kaum India dan Cina? Mereka telah tinggal di Tanah Melayu dan tidak berhasrat untuk pulang ke negara asal. Di sini wujudnya 'kontrak sosial'.

Perjanjian yang dimeterai antara Tunku, Tun Tan Cheng Lok dan Tun Sambathan antaranya:
1. Bahasa Rasmi - Bahasa Melayu
2. Agama Rasmi - Agama Islam

Hak Keistimewaan bumiputera (melayu) dikekalkan iaitu :
1. Kuota dalam pendidikan, biasiswa dan jawatan dalam sektor awam (kerajaan)
2. Tanah Rezab
3. Ekonomi

Sebagai pulangan?Kaum Cina dan India diberi 'kerakyatan' dan keturunan mereka mendapat kerakyatan secara 'jus soli' iaitu tanpa perlu memohon dalam setiap kelahiran.
-bebas mengamalkan agama asal, budaya.

'Kontrak sosial' ini telah dipersetujui oleh wakil dari setiap bangsa dan kandungan 'kontrak sosial' ini secara tidak langsung telah dimasukkan ke dalam Perlembagaan Persekutuan, yang menjadi undang-undang/panduan negara.

1 Malaysia bukanlah bermaksud sama rata mahupun hak rakyat yang sama(equality). Hak istimewa golongan bumiputera kekal selamanya seperti juga hak kerakyatan pada keturunan asal Cina dan India yang datang ke Tanah Melayu 50 tahun yang lalu.

So please understand the history and do respect our fellow Malaysian.

With Regards,
Farah Ezlin Yusop Khan


I wonder if later she or 'her friends' gonna reply ... "I'm sorry, I don't understand in BM maa"

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Eid?

How's your raya?
Mine? A quick recap :

Firstly, a night before raya I met with an accident...thus had to leave my car back in Butterworth all by itself til next month...thank god Tuan Suhaimi helped me back there.

Secondly, I heard the sad news that a new DPP met with an accident and she had passed away...Al-Fatihah...didn't get the chance to know her tho.

Thirdly, I had a peace of mind while I'm in Penang. To view the Penang Island from Bagan Ajam at night...and suddenly suprised by a few sparks of fireworks...its such a breathtaking...nothing could beat that...nothing! *bersemangatnya*

Fourthly,feeling devastated to leave my homestate and the fact that I had a rough journey on the Fire Fly...eurghhh...the agony!As if I left my heart back in Butterworth...

Fifth,the joy of meeting my relatives back in Penang and in PJ...

Enam already?
Oh yes, to be able to meet and hang out with Kak Alin and Intan...we had a GREAT laugh! I miss them so very much!
Then today had spend almost half of the day at Putrajaya again (tak sangka lepak office during festive season is nice...serene surrounding) with Amy and of course the cooolest senior ever...Puan Raja...she's a malay ya...Raja Rozela...*saje je*
It was such a blast! Really miss her la. Can't wait for the holiday!

Ayu just gave birth to a baby boy...alhamdulillah...I was on the phone with her a few days earlier...

Lastly...the luckiest number for the chinese...lapan!Somehow brings no luck to me coz I can't sleep...and tomorrow am off to JB...haiya...

Later peeps

Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I just can't wait to go back to my home sweet home...Telok Air Tawar (yes,laugh Fara and Ayu!Jas, u better be by my side on this). Its a known fact among my friends that I'm originally from Telok Air Tawar. It is situated in Butterworth, Penang, near the Tentera Udara Di Raja Malaysia's air based (TUDM) and also next to the Royal Australia Air Force (RAAF). Yes, it is not on the Island.

I've always wanted to write about my homestate...just never had the chance to do so...until now.

Well, Telok Air Tawar is a mixture of different class of people. Those who stays at the taman perumahan-housing estate, are mostly from an educated family background. Ranging from the civil servant (teachers) to the professionals such as lawyers, doctors, bankers etc and even businessman whilst those who stays in kampung, most of their parents work as farmer, fisherman etc. Thus, in a classroom, students from different background study together. What separate us is none other than education perceived.

Fast rewind in 1999. My alma mater is Telok Air Tawar Secondary School, Butterworth (yes, it is situated in the mainland) and I still remember clearly the sitting arrangement in my classroom. I sat between Hong Ling, who was in front of me, while Raudah was located at the back. The nosy yet angelic super-caring Hong Ling (acting like a big sister) always scold me whenever I start to talk endlessly and each time when I was too lazy to do any task given by teachers. Her fave word was "kamu jangan berfoya-foya" ... while Raudah (the devilish-my chat buddy) would always entertain me from the early morning until the last bell.

Despite the 2 contradict characters, my besties were next door, the 2 crazy imperfect school prefects...who always misused their privilege and together we would skipped classes at every opportunity. They are none other than Thamei and Aneetha. We would always skipped class and hang out at the 'Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya office'...since I was the, faham2 la.

Well, back to my old classroom, my sit was next to the window, viewing the green field. There, standing proudly a small tree, which I, without fail, at least once a day gazed at it thru the window (ignoring the teachers and of course, the knowledge trying to deliver to me) and anticipated in a 'daydream' routine *missing those days!*

Back then, I remember how I wish I could escape and leave all these behind. I just can't wait to get out from my hometown and explore new city, new life. My mind would always wonder...what is there beyond all these?what awaits me? I knew it then, that I won't find it there. So, I was nothing but leave the school...and to leave Butterworth.

After 9 years of living in Shah Alam - Subang...and currently in Johor Bahru (6 months now)...I started to appreciate my old sweet Telok Air Tawar (in Butterworth, the mainland of course). And the journey from JB to TAT sounds dreadful...extremely hectic and tiring yet for what is worth...I just can't wait! Can't wait to drive by the beach...lepak at the sea side...meeting my dearest crazy cousins, my uncle and aunt, dearest Thamei...Kunur, Razak and others!

Well, time flies...but one thing for sure...TAT will always be close to my heart. Walaupun masih belum ada McD or KFC there (do something Duan!please...) and the fact that nama TAT is very lousy...darn. It doesn't matter!If you noticed, i repeatedly reminding that TAT is in the mainland simply because, those who come from the mainland are considered second class by the Penangites *Ouch* What to do, we are a bit laid back and undeveloped compared to Penang Island...right Puan Mel?Kan Amril? Are we?

Anyway, am keeping my fingers crossed...cepatlah 18hb...can't wait to go back North!

Well, take care people.
Safe journey and Eid Ramadhan!

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Malaysia - Indonesia Confrontation

We were accused of being a cultural thief. An undeclared war arises over the accussation by the neighbouring country that Malaysia stole and potrayed their culture, a dance namely 'pendet' as ours. Which, was done by the Discovery Channel and this matter had resolved and excluded Malaysia as being the responsible party. I guess its just not enough to satisfy the minority group in Indonesia who called themselves as 'Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat' (Bendera) who had launched a mission to 'sapu' our fellow Malaysian in Indonesia (roughly bout a few thousands medical students there). Worse, this self-proclaimed nationalist group blocked a few roads and asked for the passerby to show their identity card/passport. If you are found to be a Malaysian, the probability of being stabbed is high as they were well equipped with a 'sharpened bamboo stick'.

Over the years we've been a good neighbour. Providing aid for almost every unfortunate events occurred, either via natural disaster or the man-made burning of the forest. The once paralysed Acheh Province, an aftermath left by the disasterous we have to remind this minority ungrateful 'Bendera' how we had contributed in rebuilding the province from scratch? The assistance was sent as soon as possible(even back in my hometown, at that particular time, the completion of houses for the Tsunami's victims took ages!) The reason I'm digging all these facts? To show-off? To remind the 'Bendera'? Yes...and also, because I believe we do what we have to do, not because we have to, but simply because its the right thing to do.

It doesn't stop there, now they are demanding RM800 per month for the maid's salary. I must say, the maids provided by the Indonesian to our country are not of the same quality as those sent to Singapore, Hong Kong and god knows where. Yet a salary of that sum is their latest demand.

Dear Indonesian maids, don't you know that even some Malaysian civil servants are still earning RM 500 as their basic income?

There are currently 2 million of Indonesian here (i'm not sure whether this figure includes the illegal immigrants).Most of the small businesses in Malaysia are now controlled by them. Well,I'm not suprised if soon they will claim Malaysia as their homeland...

Who knows...Wallahualam.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Full Moon

First of all,this entry has nothing to do with Stephanie Meyer's novel cum box office movie (am not a fan of Twilight's offence). Anyway, today is the 14th day of fasting. So when you look up high in the open sky, do expect to witness a beautiful round bright full moon. Its a breathtaking scenery I must say. Even prettier when stars scattered all over the open space. (somehow, the stars seems to dissapear year after year...pollution?maybe)

In the yester years, whenever there's full moon, my mind would wonder that somewhere there will be dogs barking and people turning into werewolves. Silly as it sound, somehow, the 'full moon' does affects the human behaviour. Be it from the rising of the crime rates to the rising of the suicide cases and even matters involving personal character for example sleep walking disturbance and mental disorder cases. However, studies in regard of the link between the full moon and how it affects the human behaviour fails in proving the truth. I remembered reading Paolo Coelho's 'Veronica Decides To Die' when the heroine had decided to end her life during the full moon phase and ended up in a mental institution. Perhaps the author did some research on this issue at hand. I would recommend this novel but with a friendly warning...its catchy yet disturbed.

So, could it be that for all the negatives human's conduct, the blame is on the lunar effects i.e the 'full moon'? OR its just another reason the human trying to hide from revealing the bad characters possessed by one? But then again, one should learn to comprehend the flow of Earth's energy (including the moon and space beyond) and how to apply in a positive manner. Maybe by thinking of your love one while gazing at the moonlight? (reminds me of Yuna's Dan Sebenarnya)

Owh what the heck...its human nature to blame it on others. Even the famous Milli 'lips sync' Vanilli agreed to this and came out with the hit 'Blame It On The Rain'

All I know is that, we're fortunate to be in a fasting month during the 'full moon'... So see, hear and speak no evil... and enjoy the beautiful scenery that the 'full moon' has to offer.