Wednesday, September 16, 2009


I just can't wait to go back to my home sweet home...Telok Air Tawar (yes,laugh Fara and Ayu!Jas, u better be by my side on this). Its a known fact among my friends that I'm originally from Telok Air Tawar. It is situated in Butterworth, Penang, near the Tentera Udara Di Raja Malaysia's air based (TUDM) and also next to the Royal Australia Air Force (RAAF). Yes, it is not on the Island.

I've always wanted to write about my homestate...just never had the chance to do so...until now.

Well, Telok Air Tawar is a mixture of different class of people. Those who stays at the taman perumahan-housing estate, are mostly from an educated family background. Ranging from the civil servant (teachers) to the professionals such as lawyers, doctors, bankers etc and even businessman whilst those who stays in kampung, most of their parents work as farmer, fisherman etc. Thus, in a classroom, students from different background study together. What separate us is none other than education perceived.

Fast rewind in 1999. My alma mater is Telok Air Tawar Secondary School, Butterworth (yes, it is situated in the mainland) and I still remember clearly the sitting arrangement in my classroom. I sat between Hong Ling, who was in front of me, while Raudah was located at the back. The nosy yet angelic super-caring Hong Ling (acting like a big sister) always scold me whenever I start to talk endlessly and each time when I was too lazy to do any task given by teachers. Her fave word was "kamu jangan berfoya-foya" ... while Raudah (the devilish-my chat buddy) would always entertain me from the early morning until the last bell.

Despite the 2 contradict characters, my besties were next door, the 2 crazy imperfect school prefects...who always misused their privilege and together we would skipped classes at every opportunity. They are none other than Thamei and Aneetha. We would always skipped class and hang out at the 'Pembimbing Rakan Sebaya office'...since I was the, faham2 la.

Well, back to my old classroom, my sit was next to the window, viewing the green field. There, standing proudly a small tree, which I, without fail, at least once a day gazed at it thru the window (ignoring the teachers and of course, the knowledge trying to deliver to me) and anticipated in a 'daydream' routine *missing those days!*

Back then, I remember how I wish I could escape and leave all these behind. I just can't wait to get out from my hometown and explore new city, new life. My mind would always wonder...what is there beyond all these?what awaits me? I knew it then, that I won't find it there. So, I was nothing but leave the school...and to leave Butterworth.

After 9 years of living in Shah Alam - Subang...and currently in Johor Bahru (6 months now)...I started to appreciate my old sweet Telok Air Tawar (in Butterworth, the mainland of course). And the journey from JB to TAT sounds dreadful...extremely hectic and tiring yet for what is worth...I just can't wait! Can't wait to drive by the beach...lepak at the sea side...meeting my dearest crazy cousins, my uncle and aunt, dearest Thamei...Kunur, Razak and others!

Well, time flies...but one thing for sure...TAT will always be close to my heart. Walaupun masih belum ada McD or KFC there (do something Duan!please...) and the fact that nama TAT is very lousy...darn. It doesn't matter!If you noticed, i repeatedly reminding that TAT is in the mainland simply because, those who come from the mainland are considered second class by the Penangites *Ouch* What to do, we are a bit laid back and undeveloped compared to Penang Island...right Puan Mel?Kan Amril? Are we?

Anyway, am keeping my fingers crossed...cepatlah 18hb...can't wait to go back North!

Well, take care people.
Safe journey and Eid Ramadhan!