Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Full Moon

First of all,this entry has nothing to do with Stephanie Meyer's novel cum box office movie (am not a fan of Twilight's offence). Anyway, today is the 14th day of fasting. So when you look up high in the open sky, do expect to witness a beautiful round bright full moon. Its a breathtaking scenery I must say. Even prettier when stars scattered all over the open space. (somehow, the stars seems to dissapear year after year...pollution?maybe)

In the yester years, whenever there's full moon, my mind would wonder that somewhere there will be dogs barking and people turning into werewolves. Silly as it sound, somehow, the 'full moon' does affects the human behaviour. Be it from the rising of the crime rates to the rising of the suicide cases and even matters involving personal character for example sleep walking disturbance and mental disorder cases. However, studies in regard of the link between the full moon and how it affects the human behaviour fails in proving the truth. I remembered reading Paolo Coelho's 'Veronica Decides To Die' when the heroine had decided to end her life during the full moon phase and ended up in a mental institution. Perhaps the author did some research on this issue at hand. I would recommend this novel but with a friendly warning...its catchy yet disturbed.

So, could it be that for all the negatives human's conduct, the blame is on the lunar effects i.e the 'full moon'? OR its just another reason the human trying to hide from revealing the bad characters possessed by one? But then again, one should learn to comprehend the flow of Earth's energy (including the moon and space beyond) and how to apply in a positive manner. Maybe by thinking of your love one while gazing at the moonlight? (reminds me of Yuna's Dan Sebenarnya)

Owh what the heck...its human nature to blame it on others. Even the famous Milli 'lips sync' Vanilli agreed to this and came out with the hit 'Blame It On The Rain'

All I know is that, we're fortunate to be in a fasting month during the 'full moon'... So see, hear and speak no evil... and enjoy the beautiful scenery that the 'full moon' has to offer.