Saturday, September 12, 2009

Malaysia - Indonesia Confrontation

We were accused of being a cultural thief. An undeclared war arises over the accussation by the neighbouring country that Malaysia stole and potrayed their culture, a dance namely 'pendet' as ours. Which, was done by the Discovery Channel and this matter had resolved and excluded Malaysia as being the responsible party. I guess its just not enough to satisfy the minority group in Indonesia who called themselves as 'Benteng Demokrasi Rakyat' (Bendera) who had launched a mission to 'sapu' our fellow Malaysian in Indonesia (roughly bout a few thousands medical students there). Worse, this self-proclaimed nationalist group blocked a few roads and asked for the passerby to show their identity card/passport. If you are found to be a Malaysian, the probability of being stabbed is high as they were well equipped with a 'sharpened bamboo stick'.

Over the years we've been a good neighbour. Providing aid for almost every unfortunate events occurred, either via natural disaster or the man-made burning of the forest. The once paralysed Acheh Province, an aftermath left by the disasterous we have to remind this minority ungrateful 'Bendera' how we had contributed in rebuilding the province from scratch? The assistance was sent as soon as possible(even back in my hometown, at that particular time, the completion of houses for the Tsunami's victims took ages!) The reason I'm digging all these facts? To show-off? To remind the 'Bendera'? Yes...and also, because I believe we do what we have to do, not because we have to, but simply because its the right thing to do.

It doesn't stop there, now they are demanding RM800 per month for the maid's salary. I must say, the maids provided by the Indonesian to our country are not of the same quality as those sent to Singapore, Hong Kong and god knows where. Yet a salary of that sum is their latest demand.

Dear Indonesian maids, don't you know that even some Malaysian civil servants are still earning RM 500 as their basic income?

There are currently 2 million of Indonesian here (i'm not sure whether this figure includes the illegal immigrants).Most of the small businesses in Malaysia are now controlled by them. Well,I'm not suprised if soon they will claim Malaysia as their homeland...

Who knows...Wallahualam.