Saturday, September 26, 2009

Happy Eid?

How's your raya?
Mine? A quick recap :

Firstly, a night before raya I met with an accident...thus had to leave my car back in Butterworth all by itself til next month...thank god Tuan Suhaimi helped me back there.

Secondly, I heard the sad news that a new DPP met with an accident and she had passed away...Al-Fatihah...didn't get the chance to know her tho.

Thirdly, I had a peace of mind while I'm in Penang. To view the Penang Island from Bagan Ajam at night...and suddenly suprised by a few sparks of fireworks...its such a breathtaking...nothing could beat that...nothing! *bersemangatnya*

Fourthly,feeling devastated to leave my homestate and the fact that I had a rough journey on the Fire Fly...eurghhh...the agony!As if I left my heart back in Butterworth...

Fifth,the joy of meeting my relatives back in Penang and in PJ...

Enam already?
Oh yes, to be able to meet and hang out with Kak Alin and Intan...we had a GREAT laugh! I miss them so very much!
Then today had spend almost half of the day at Putrajaya again (tak sangka lepak office during festive season is nice...serene surrounding) with Amy and of course the cooolest senior ever...Puan Raja...she's a malay ya...Raja Rozela...*saje je*
It was such a blast! Really miss her la. Can't wait for the holiday!

Ayu just gave birth to a baby boy...alhamdulillah...I was on the phone with her a few days earlier...

Lastly...the luckiest number for the chinese...lapan!Somehow brings no luck to me coz I can't sleep...and tomorrow am off to JB...haiya...

Later peeps