Saturday, January 22, 2011

Just Another Saturday Morning

A usual Saturday morning, where people would either be jog in the park with their families or some would prefer curled up on their cozy bed *bliss* or some would wake up early just to enjoy a cup of kopi C, kaya/butter toast and half boiled ayam kampung eggs *drool* or maybe roti canai with teh tarik..hmmm,haven.

But then again, myself, Puan Jean and Amy are stucked at the office as we're on the election duty for DUN Tenang. Here I am, eating a plain peanut butter sandwich, while Amy is googling for latest news (or is she? oh, my bad, facebook rupanya) and Puan Jean trying to buy time watching Rachel Ray on channel 5. How fortunate it is that our office is next to Singapore. In fact, channel 5 is way more clearer than our local tv.

I wonder what mom is doing home alone. We're stucked here for 8 hours and our duty will be called off at 4.00 p.m. man tai! Afterall, I have millions of i.p to minute, 3 izins to prepare and 2 pardon board paper to complete. Hmmm...come to think of it, 8 hours is not enough. Hmm...maybe I should start now.

To you lucky people out there..enjoy your weekend!

Monday, January 17, 2011

The Trip On Saturday.

Last Saturday myself and Amy brought mom to Taman Negara Tanjung Piai. With excitement, we plan to explore the Southern Tip of South East Asia! Throughout the journey, it was nothing but fun-fun and fun. Before reaching there, we stop at Muzium Nenas (Pineapple Museum), Pontian. But to our disappointment, the museum was closed for no particular reason. How rare it is for a museum to be closed on Saturday?? Anyway, with high hopes, we drove all the way til we reach Telok Kerang and we stop at Bugis Museum. There, we were a bit shocked to see that the so-called museum turns out to be a small building half gerai makan, half museum. But, since we're already there, we just step inside the tiny museum and check out what it's all about. Instead being in a museum, we found ourselves blast from the past. There's a lot of magazines/newspapers' cutting of the yester years. Photos of celebrities and royalties from the 60's to 70's. There are also a few articles on 'Natrah' and also some ceramic. It's like, every single antique (be it, articles or even jeweleries, coins, accessories.) everything is there. Sadly, it looks more like a dusty antique shop rather than a museum.

After the journey to the past, we headed to Kukup for lunch. Oh, the food was nothing but excellent. We had chillies crab, black pepper lala, friend squids, fried beansprout and a big bowl of vegetable soup. And the best part, it is so cheap...

Then, we went to our main destination i.e Taman Negara Tanjung Piai. Actually, this is my second attempt as the first one, myself and Amy arrived there at 6.45 p.m. So, we went back since it's too late to enter deep into the jungle. So, this time around, we made it there at about probably around 2.00 p.m. So, the three of us walked slowly towards the tip of South East Asia when suddenly we stumbled upon a group of monkeys. We were to deep inside and it is too late to turn back. We were numb instantly! The monkeys came towards us and Amy was so freaked out that she ran and stand behind me. The 'wild' monkeys suddenly became aggressive and as a result, Amy screamed out of fear. And because of that, they became excited and one of the monkey jumped across and landed right behind Amy. I had to calm her down and push her in front of me and told both mom and her to walk fast. Before leaving the spot, at a glance, I saw the monkey was trying to hold me but we move so fast and dare not look back.

5 minutes later, we were so relieved to see people as we had reached the tip of South East Asia. We were so scared earlier and after taking few photos we waited for other people to go back first so that we were not alone. And alhamdulillah...we made it.

So, after that, we headed home. And the journey was okay throughout and we even stopped for fried fritters and cendol along the way. Haiya, come to think of it...I still feel chill when imagining the monkeys incident. Scaaary...

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Picture From Yesterday

This is before Jaja took Mardzia's veil..ya, it's that old.Hehehe

When Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

Episode 2 : S.I.S.T.E.R.H.O.O.D
If you notice, it's rare to see all 9 of us in one picture. Especially in a recent year where most of the girls are married, committed to other obligations and distance is not spared too. So, it is very hard to gather all 9 of us. There's always one or two person will be missing from the picture.

However, I managed to get pictures all 9 of us fitting in 1 frame. But it is mostly old photos. One is at law school..on Jaja's birthday. Another is at Am's house, Raya lunch I guess. And finally, a picture during my b'day celebration at Karaoke Shop somewhere in Klang. Before the 'Twillight' craze between Team Edward and Team Jacob...there was Team Jaja and I should not be mentioning name here, since the incident occurred way way back then.

Yesterday I received a call from Dod in regard of Naem's bridal shower. I am keeping my finger cross so that all 9 of us would be able to make it. The last reunion was during Am's baby shower and many flew down south to celebrate it. But this time around, I was told of the tentative, it will be held here in KL.It maybe hard to gather all 9, but at least a little effort won't hurt, right? After all, what are friends for.

When Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

Episode 1 : The Conference

This picture marks a humble beginning of my carrier as a DPP. Here, my batchmate and I had attended our first Prosecution Division's Conference back in 2006. At a glance, I'm pretty sure you may notice the fresh looks on each faces. The smile of a young junior officers, being starstrucked whilst trying very hard to cover the eagerness as we striked a pose with our former Head of Prosecution. Come to think of it, we were throbbing with energy back then.

After Langkawi, our next conference was held in Terengganu. Myself, Mardzia and Liza was given the honour to perform together with our new colleagues in ala 70's dance routine. Despite the embarassment, it was great! I enjoyed every bit of it. But, sorry..I can't find the pic. Next time perhaps.

Anyway, a couple of years after the first conference, we were given the responsibility to assist our seniors in holding the biggest and sadly, the final conference. I remember all the hard work we had to do. All the troubles, problems that we had to face. But, by the end of the day, it's all worth it. I was able to trace this picture from my bro's pc. This is when the 4 of us, including Budiman (whom later flew to Japan and left me with all the chores..thank you sir!), first surveyed the venue. (Gosh, I was thin then..damn)

However, I was indeed very fortunate to have a good bunch of AJKS whom had given nothing but their best. (Yes, Intan, Amy and the rest I may had forgotten to mention, my apologies, but you guys rock the programme unit!)The left hand side picture shows Intan tired face while Mardzia and Amy (kurus!) melawa.

After that I remember the classes, seminars, makan-makan and the grand dinner. But above all, I remember the most...having a good time of my life with my dearest buddies. Dirty Bit! (And yes, buddies does not includes the less important people in my life..heh)