Sunday, January 9, 2011

When Picture Speaks A Thousand Words

Episode 2 : S.I.S.T.E.R.H.O.O.D
If you notice, it's rare to see all 9 of us in one picture. Especially in a recent year where most of the girls are married, committed to other obligations and distance is not spared too. So, it is very hard to gather all 9 of us. There's always one or two person will be missing from the picture.

However, I managed to get pictures all 9 of us fitting in 1 frame. But it is mostly old photos. One is at law school..on Jaja's birthday. Another is at Am's house, Raya lunch I guess. And finally, a picture during my b'day celebration at Karaoke Shop somewhere in Klang. Before the 'Twillight' craze between Team Edward and Team Jacob...there was Team Jaja and I should not be mentioning name here, since the incident occurred way way back then.

Yesterday I received a call from Dod in regard of Naem's bridal shower. I am keeping my finger cross so that all 9 of us would be able to make it. The last reunion was during Am's baby shower and many flew down south to celebrate it. But this time around, I was told of the tentative, it will be held here in KL.It maybe hard to gather all 9, but at least a little effort won't hurt, right? After all, what are friends for.