Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fasting Month...So Far

How's Ramadhan treating you?
As for me,everyday my tummy will make noise. In fact, every second it does. So the best way to ignore this...I plan stuffs during lunch hour!

Oh yes,every single day during lunch hour I would make sure I'll stay awake. After finishing all my task (clarification,takut boss salah faham)its UNO time. The girls had promised there's another game called Bluff...which they will introduce (can't wait!)

Yesterday myself, Mazia, Kak Alin and K.Imah went to the bank and I forced the two big sis to pose with a beautiful background of the mosque.
Later myself, Mazia, Int, Amy, Mami and her hubby went to break fast at Secret Recipe, Alamanda. It was okay...and Ez joined us a bit later. Pity mami since she keep on going to the toilet due to her pregnancy sickness...illness?I dunno what to call it. Somehow, she freaks me a bit (well, a lot actually). I wonder does Tim, Kak Imah, Kak Alin, Jas, Jaja and Fara and the list goes on experienced the same thing? Hmmm...scary.

Here a pic of mami yang sakit and Amy with Ez talking yet look like having a cat fight...

After breaking fast with the girls, I rushed to Darussalam at Subang SS15 to meet Ayu. Although I and of course Ayu were both exhausted, yet we able to meet up and catch up a little bit. And the best part is, all of a sudden, the casual meeting turned out to be a serious discussion when suddenly issues of law being raised (darn) and we even rushed to the nearby cyber cafe to find cases for her trial the next day.A hectic night obviously! But then again, thanks to Tuan Sahak who managed to help me although he is still down with fever.

Finally we finished downloading the cases and discussion. I rushed home and went to bed at nearly 1 plus a.m.

This morning, I managed to wake up early and pushed off by 7.15 a.m. and we all know as a fact that Putrajaya allocates all the government offices (thus, where government servants are populated by the malays, mostly) therefore, massive jam is inevitable during Ramadhan. As a result, no parking! I parked at MOSTI...which is far. So today everything went smooth. Alamak, got to go...gotta meet my brother at Brickfield.

Had a pleasent day.
Later peeps.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Yesterday had a great time makan-makan berbuka puasa with my colleagues. Thanks Moonz for the treat. Today the day went on smoothly. Been struggling (due to feeling sleepy, laziness and hunger) to finish up my loooong due task. But then again, thank god my boss gave me the dateline til next week.

So today during lunch hour...I almost hibernate,however instead of tidoq, I managed to gather the whole bunch and end up all of us chill out for UNO game. Owh, it helps a lot to pass the time rather than feeling hungry...(teruk betul). What can I say besides fun,fun and fun.

After work I rushed back home since I promised my parents and brother to break fast outside. After passing thru the traffic and all,I managed to reach home at 6 and we pushed off to Brickfield to pick up bro. Our initial plan to have our dinner at Picolo Mundo, Midvalley...but sadly, its not longer in business. A new restaurant will be replacing it. Thus, instead we went to Manhattan Fish Market. The food? So-so. The price? Aiyo...

And while eating, a young mother with a baby was looking at me. I just smiled and pondering 'this girl must be younger than me'. True enough, she came later and greeted me. Asking whether I am Kak Farah (confirmed budak Penang ni) and I quickly nod. She turns out to be my junior back in primary school. She's very young and the gap between us surely more than 5 years (damn, and she's married with 1 nya aku)

Also, next to our table sat young couple with their baby. Somehow, my dad seems to be fond of that baby. He's been teasing, waving, smiling (almost everything to attract that poor baby) and somehow, it freaks me. In the end, he just couldn't help it but to play and hold that baby (grandfather instinct? darn...I shouldn't make joke of Puan Raja being a my dad is acting like one...except,worst)

Just look at my dad's face (Oh dear...) and my parents playing with that baby!

Adoi la...its okay...I'm the second child. My brother should get marry first. No pressure at all...hehehe

Anyway, while merayau I came across this tanglung...
Its Gunzo...(Int,its you!)

Later people...

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

All Summed Up

My exciting life for the passed few weeks...(or perhaps for the month of August)
Let me see...

Me and Mazia attended Sara and Arik's wedding. But didn't get to snap pics with them instead like a monkey we catch the elegant Puan Raja and snapped couple of photos with her *grinning devilishly*Then we had a bowling tournament (as I informed earlier)Same thing la, no pic during the competition...only post-tournament available.
The girls did a job well done! Thanks to Tun and Liza as well. Later got compliment from senior since it was well-organised. Whatever it is...we had fun, fun and fun. Its just a repeatation here... Puan Noorin's team won the game while Puan Raja grabbed the second place and followed by Tuan Anselm's team lead by the bestbowler that is Tuan Fairuz. Owh, the champion from bottom was Tuan Hanafiah (sorry Tuan, can't help to shout out loud)

After the competition myself, Mazia and Ez went to watch Zohan (too long la the title) and what can I say...bloody fool its nice. After that we adjourned to Dome in Subang...and this pancake...drool (damn I'm hungry)

Nothing much after that except attended a few more weddings and travelling and oh ya, the latest was Jaja's Baby Bash (baby shower is the correct term...whatever). The
theme was pink and white. Everyone was there except Ana who's down with fever and Far who is too far, far away in Terengganu. Then again, we had great time! I won the teka berapa coklat and 2nd in ukuran Jaja's belly and 3rd in creating anything that has to do with baby from plastersin (betul ke eja ni?) and boy...i should have won the first place (no Am,I should get the first place coz Sharel dah tarik my cat awal2 lg before Jaja interrupted him, altho you did helped me to be less ambitious)
The winning cat
Me and Pretty Am
All of us without Am
The winners posed as the losers watched including the photographer(ouch)

Here an old pic taken somewhere in July during tapisan keselamatan (sempat lagi)
Me, Nana and her friend with a nice name that I called with another name...sorry The girls berposing without me,darn and Jas my referee who was so nice enough to take the day off...

Till next post.
Later peeps