Thursday, September 4, 2008


Yesterday had a great time makan-makan berbuka puasa with my colleagues. Thanks Moonz for the treat. Today the day went on smoothly. Been struggling (due to feeling sleepy, laziness and hunger) to finish up my loooong due task. But then again, thank god my boss gave me the dateline til next week.

So today during lunch hour...I almost hibernate,however instead of tidoq, I managed to gather the whole bunch and end up all of us chill out for UNO game. Owh, it helps a lot to pass the time rather than feeling hungry...(teruk betul). What can I say besides fun,fun and fun.

After work I rushed back home since I promised my parents and brother to break fast outside. After passing thru the traffic and all,I managed to reach home at 6 and we pushed off to Brickfield to pick up bro. Our initial plan to have our dinner at Picolo Mundo, Midvalley...but sadly, its not longer in business. A new restaurant will be replacing it. Thus, instead we went to Manhattan Fish Market. The food? So-so. The price? Aiyo...

And while eating, a young mother with a baby was looking at me. I just smiled and pondering 'this girl must be younger than me'. True enough, she came later and greeted me. Asking whether I am Kak Farah (confirmed budak Penang ni) and I quickly nod. She turns out to be my junior back in primary school. She's very young and the gap between us surely more than 5 years (damn, and she's married with 1 nya aku)

Also, next to our table sat young couple with their baby. Somehow, my dad seems to be fond of that baby. He's been teasing, waving, smiling (almost everything to attract that poor baby) and somehow, it freaks me. In the end, he just couldn't help it but to play and hold that baby (grandfather instinct? darn...I shouldn't make joke of Puan Raja being a my dad is acting like one...except,worst)

Just look at my dad's face (Oh dear...) and my parents playing with that baby!

Adoi la...its okay...I'm the second child. My brother should get marry first. No pressure at all...hehehe

Anyway, while merayau I came across this tanglung...
Its Gunzo...(Int,its you!)

Later people...