Sunday, January 9, 2011

When Pictures Speak A Thousand Words

Episode 1 : The Conference

This picture marks a humble beginning of my carrier as a DPP. Here, my batchmate and I had attended our first Prosecution Division's Conference back in 2006. At a glance, I'm pretty sure you may notice the fresh looks on each faces. The smile of a young junior officers, being starstrucked whilst trying very hard to cover the eagerness as we striked a pose with our former Head of Prosecution. Come to think of it, we were throbbing with energy back then.

After Langkawi, our next conference was held in Terengganu. Myself, Mardzia and Liza was given the honour to perform together with our new colleagues in ala 70's dance routine. Despite the embarassment, it was great! I enjoyed every bit of it. But, sorry..I can't find the pic. Next time perhaps.

Anyway, a couple of years after the first conference, we were given the responsibility to assist our seniors in holding the biggest and sadly, the final conference. I remember all the hard work we had to do. All the troubles, problems that we had to face. But, by the end of the day, it's all worth it. I was able to trace this picture from my bro's pc. This is when the 4 of us, including Budiman (whom later flew to Japan and left me with all the chores..thank you sir!), first surveyed the venue. (Gosh, I was thin then..damn)

However, I was indeed very fortunate to have a good bunch of AJKS whom had given nothing but their best. (Yes, Intan, Amy and the rest I may had forgotten to mention, my apologies, but you guys rock the programme unit!)The left hand side picture shows Intan tired face while Mardzia and Amy (kurus!) melawa.

After that I remember the classes, seminars, makan-makan and the grand dinner. But above all, I remember the most...having a good time of my life with my dearest buddies. Dirty Bit! (And yes, buddies does not includes the less important people in my life..heh)