Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cheating Death

A sudden and saddened news on the death of DJ A.M. filled yahoo web page yesterday. Ever heard of him? A very talented DJ in Hollywood whom, a year ago had survived a plane crashed together with the drummer (former Blink 182 band member) Travis Barker.

The thing that caught my mind is that, is it considered as 'cheating death'?

What is 'cheating death'? Can one get away from it or just prolong the time of the death?It has been narrated in a profoundly acclaimed movie i.e "Final Destination"(Eerie I know). In that movie, a group of people able to avoid possible fatal event yet the responsible Grim Reaper denied their adjournment and find ways hunting each one of them. But to make it more 'Hollywood material', they add some storyline to it...the whole story kicked off from a premonition...*yawn*

In medical field, cheating death is not spared. For example a cancer person cured without going for chemotheraphy. Possible? One might ask, what about the famous rapper 50 cent who was shot 9 times yet survived? Perhaps the shooter an amateur missed the vital part? Or its just his luck?(God knows).

Could it be true? Regardless of the movie magic, does it actually work that way? You are save for today...but it hunts you...or would death just waived and skipped your turn? Maybe...But as for me being a muslim, I believe in Al-Qada wal-Qadar...(destiny by God's decree)

Well, there are series of unexplainable events. Somehow, DJ A.M's death does trigger the notion of 'cheating death'...whether it was meant to be or the fatal event was entirely due to his foolishness (drug overdose death). Now that would be a mystery.

For all I know, if I were able to cheat death...and survived. I would definately celebrate the fullest.