Friday, August 14, 2009

Off to Subang!

Last weekend went for a movie and I would definately recommend The Proposal for your viewing pleasure. The storyline is simple, fun as Sandra Bullock (dah tua fave actress aku ni) colours all the scenes with the help of another funny man i.e Ryan Reynolds. Not even 1 scene that bore me. I kept on laughing from the beginning til the end.(Contrary to what Daud had experienced...I guess its true when he said it's 'a chick flick')Instead he suggested yourstruly to watch Setem. I read Am's entry and she gave a good review of the movie as well. I'm a bit sceptical with Malay's movie. No offence. I bet they will show Setem this Raya? Or maybe via Astro Box Office first,then perhaps view it at channel 104-Ria? Definately, maybe...

Anyway, am off to Subang today right after work. There's a trial this Monday at Tangkak. God knows how far Tangkak from JB is. So since its fixed on Monday, I've decided might as well I push off from USJ instead. Oh ya, went to Muar last Tuesday. It is such a nice small town. Somehow, it is similar to Ipoh. There are certain area reminds me of Kuching (the market site facing the river) and certain location similar to Kuala Kangsar (owh, I missed the pasar pagi at K.K especially the big thick fat murtabak, delicious hot pau and the morning scenery there...where apek would lepak by the riverside. It is the ideal pension town). Did I mention that there's a river in Muar? Beautiful. No wonder Bon and Wirna loves staying there. By the way, the Mee Bandung...owh dear...mouthwatering...haven!

So tonight am gonna drop by at Jonker Walk/Street for a bowl of prawn mee and cendol. Well,nothing fabulous bout the cendol tho. The best cendol would be the one in front of Sekolah Menengah Dato' Onn, Butterworth. Tapi dah tutup and moved to Selayang. Next best cendol would be the one at Penang Road. That one is still operating. They have a franchaise at Giant Section 13 (I dunno they still have it now)

I'm still having a mild fever that turns my voice to a husky one. What to do...