Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The Course at ILKAP

Today I woke up at 8.05 am. Its nice not to go to work, but on the other hand, I am not on vacation la wei. Later I rushed to Bangi to attend a forfeiture, seizure (what?!) course. I have no particulars of this course so as usual I went to register (Ended up at Puan Khadijah's floor...I admit, I got lost!) then after waiting for the registration, I was then informed that this course is not under the management of ILKAP as it is organized by the IAD (International Div). Entered half an hour late, I was alone, recognising one or two faces, just sat and kept quiet. However, the speaker (mat salleh nyibuk je nak ice breaking) roll the ball by asking us to introduce ourselves. As usual, boringgg...

Then Tuan Budiman arrived at the scene (thank god!a saviour he is) and later another familiar face, Fitrah joined. So, I guess, it is still a boring course, but its not gonna be that bad afterall. Between, I'm at the library, followed Kim just to pass the time before class starts at 2.

Anyway, I've watched Iron Man yesterday and I would highly recommend it to you. Robert Downey Jr excellently potrays Tony Spark. Its not too much for me to say that the character somehow was created for him. A day earlier I've watched him in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang and loved the character played by him as well. Then he continues to excel in Iron Man (walaupun I rasa tak confident dia jadi hero sebab dah tua and he's kinda sissy but he did it! In his on way).

Oh ya, I promised to upload Ayu's engagement photos. Will be posting soon...Okay people, its 1.45 pm...(dragging myself to class...)