Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Engagement's Photo

Here are the pictures taken from Ayu's engagement the other day...
Me and Yanie (who tot tht we were the earliest to arrive) suprised to see Jihan and Intan there...They were diligently concentrating on stories told by Ayu's aunty (hihihi). Next to our pic is a pic of Jihan (insanely focused) and Intan (insanely ignoring and posed). However, the three of us managed to escaped and posed...(sorry Yanie you kena amik gambar) We waited there for Ayu...managed to take a glimpse at her and I took few snaps...
Ayu's preparation...step by step...

Comel kan?

While they prepared this pretty girl, we were waiting anxiously... (ye ke?)

The next day I went outing with Ita and watched Iron Man. We ate at my fave stall :
  1. Ah Cheng's Laksa (5 teh tarik!)
  2. A.J's waffle - choc and peanut butter (5 teh tarik!)
Us, enjoying the waffle.
To Ayu, congratulation once again...your present nanti ye?muahsss!
Later people.