Saturday, June 28, 2008

The City of JB

Was about to flip thru works when Tun Bud called up and reminded me on a matter to attend at Johor (erk). So, there I was, being a Penangite (and proud of it!) as 'kalut' as I could be, I started dialling the hotel's num (for room purposes), my dad (for car purposes) and my mom (for teman purposes). Went to C3, met Bud and grabbed the white file and rushed straight home.

Since the first day I joined this unit, I've been a frequent traveller. For me to pack up my stuffs would only acquire a couple of mins. However, due to the 'kekalutan', i left a few important items. Whatever...

Going to JB is always a delighted one. Here are a few reasons why I always enjoy the trip to JB.

Numero Uno - The Food.

It would come 2nd after Penang. The food in JB simply and delicious. Here a few pic (based on the food I've yapped on my last post)

How on earth could you resist all these man-made heaven?

Second Reason - The Hotel.

Mutiara to be precise. Nothing much to shout bout except the location (next to mall...tshirt best gile!) and not far from the court either. I tried a few hotels before becoming a frequent guest at Mutiara. New York Hotel (the elevator is damn slow), Putri Pan Pac (a nice view of Singapore yet the price had increased...perhaps due to the Singaporean guest) so the best so far is Mutiara. Unless any new suggestion? The gym at Mutiara is nice too. Been visiting it beberapa kali jugak (sampai sakit kaki...erk)
This is last week's pic of my mom and bro enjoying rojak in the room.

Third Reason - Transportation

Its so easy to get a cab either from the hotel to the court or from the court to anywhere! (seriously). Having said that, thanks to a young gentleman who held the taxi for me. Whoever you are...thanks!

Fourth Reason - Friends
The fact that I know my friends are around it makes me feel safe... altho didn't get to meet them but I know whatever happen or in any emergency situation, they would be around.

Fifth Reason - Simply because...i like it! *grinning widely*