Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Bonding Session

Last Saturday we (Unit Perlucuthakan Harta...fuhh, mouthful to pronounce) went for bowling practise. This is in conjunction to the Bowling's Competition that will be held somewhere in August. I went to pick up Kak Faezah (who claimed 'dah lama tak main' ... yeah right).

By the time we reached there, Boss, Pak Din, Tun Bud and wife together with their adorable kids dah sampai. So, got the shoes, head straight to the lanes. The practise went on smoothly and it became lively when Tuan Hazril joined. Suprisingly, the one who claimed 'dah lama tak main' seems to score X three times in a row! Dashyat...

Later Kak Imah and her husband joined and Puan Maziah and her family came, a bit later. When Boss asked me to add another game, unfortunately the whole lanes were fully booked for a tournament (no wonder ramai pakai jersey merah kuning)
The way I'm gonna tell! (Boss score tinggi...hahaha) and Pak Din's skills amazed us. I was bedazzled by his moves!hihihi

I forgot to snap pics during the practise since Bud brought his canggih I'm expecting to get the photos from him...

The best part is the 'makan' session. We had our lunch (atas ehsan Boss...thank you very the much) at Penang Village. Various Nyonya cuisine were laid on the table for us. Here are some pics of the food and us enjoying the lunch.

The bonding session went on smoothly...both Tuan Dzul and Hazril's wife arrived a bit later. For all that is worth, it was a fun and enjoyable time spent (Quality time ya)

Puan Mazia looking over Kak Faezah (lapaq sgt ka puan?)

Kak Imah's bundle of joy

Bud's Hero

So...tomorrow is Monday. Happy hour sudah lepas...

"Buat Kerja!"

Later peeps.