Sunday, July 6, 2008

The Man Whom I Called 'Uncle Harun'

6 July 2008
I just got back from my uncle's funeral tonight.

5 July 2008
The uneasy feeling...
I wonder why I was unable to sleep (altho the whole day occupied with numerous activities).I reached home at 10 plus p.m. and later by 11 something Aida replied my long due sms. A sudden insomnia attacked had lead me to go out for drinks with Aida. Which of course prolonged til 2.30 a.m.

Still unable to hibernate...I browse the net and even tried mirc (god knows when was the last time I chat) til 5.01 a.m.

Still can't sleep...but later I force myself to do so.

6 July 2008
Was awaken by a noise cracked by Papa at approximately 6.57 a.m (not even 2 hours of sleep) and was informed that my uncle in a very critical stage and depending his merciful life on a machine.
While bathing, putting on clothes etc I can't help thinking of Dana's post in her blog. No matter what you say to the deceased's family, there is definately nothing to relieve the pain or even to make it better.

Rushed to Damansara Specialist.
Pulse - negative.
Heart - negative.

A matter of unplugging the life support machine. Which eventually to no hope...the procedure done.

I accompanied my cousin to make police report. A new experience (which I must say, a very frightening...a preparation in a way...I cried). There's a part where I cried and mama rub my back. I told her...if this happen to either one of you...I'm not sure how strong I could be...Mom look at me and said, 'don't worry, u will be...u are such a good daughter'
Mix reaction...somewhere deep inside, I'm blessed.

After Ustaz arrived, went and saw my uncle in a white sheet being transfer into the car (kereta jenazah). We then drove to their house. Later I picked up my brother and myself, mama and makcik yah went to Brickfield to buy kain (to cover the face), flowers, air mawar, cendana and other stuffs.

After prepared all the necessary we went home to rest. Then at 4.30 p.m went back to the house. We waited til 5.30 since my another cousin to arrive (she went for a trip to Myanmar on family matters).Alhamdulillah...she made it.

Everything went smooth.
I will never forget of what had happen today.
Uncle Harun never stop teaching me even the day he had left us.
May the Almighty God bless his soul.
Our love will be link thru our prayers.