Tuesday, August 5, 2008


I just got back from Kuching. The trip was a nice one since I went together with my colleague, Kak Imah. We depart yesterday and unfortunately we got the last seat.As for me, I was stuck in the middle and my seat num was 27E. Such a baby I am, with air sick and all...luckily I didn't vomit, altho I felt like it couple of times. Speaking of a baby, earlier I met Kak Alin (another colleague of mine) at KLIA who was there together with her adorable son to send her mother in-law who's on a trip to Bangkok. See how adorable Amirul is? Here a video of him recorded by Aunty Elin.

Anyway, we check in at Hilton Hotel and able to get a room with beautiful view of the waterfront. Furthermore, the beautiful sight became more interesting as how fortune of us to be there during the Sarawak Regatta 2008.

No wonder Pak Lah was there and on that particular day, The Sultan of Brunei checked in too (sorry people, didn't get to catch a glimpse...nor a glance of the handsome Sultan) Oh ya, kereta dia ada la...(Sorry Your Royal Highness for stalking your car...and also your Royal Brunei Airplane at the airport)

Myself, K.Imah and Jessy went out touring the beautiful Kuching (Cat City...rrrrr) only after our job done ye... and bought some stuffs back home.
Well, I have to go to KL Court esok...so...night2...

Later peeps.