Friday, August 29, 2008


So sorry haven't been updating this blog. A few friends been reminding me of it. So...this month had been a rollercoaster ride. As usual, outstation which includes 2x trips to Penang (i don't mind at all) and between the travelling period we had such a great event of the year i.e Bowling Tournament Dato' Mohd Yusof's Cup. It was pure fun esp when everyone was such a sport! But no pic of the event. Perhaps next entry I'll upload it. But in short, its fun, fun and fun.

Earlier I and Yani went for dearest Dila's wedding. Such a pretty bride. I didn't get a good pic of her. But, just la. It seems like one after another is getting hitch and as far as I'm concerned, I am happy for all of them! And even more happy as Jaja is delivering very very soon. A baby girl it seems... Such a bliss (how fortunate of her to have 7 god mothers and 1 god sister...hehehe)

Anyway, while travelling back to Penang, I and mom checked out Permatang Pauh. Its insane...the posters, the banner and yada yada yada...(in fact the posters war hebat dari General Election yang lepas)

Politics...need I say more? Naah...

And today,Belanjawan been laid. I didn't get to watch it. Was stuck at the komuter station (yes, I took public transport today after years of relying on the car) and oh gosh, I've been too 'manja' and taking a public transport is definately a BIG challenge to me. In fact, this is the first time I and mom travelled using public transport together. While in the LRT and komuter, its such a heartache to see how inconsiderate our fellow Malaysian...The journey from KL Sentral to Subang Jaya was such an eye opener...a guy simply rush to sit and ignores a pregnant lady, A young guy sat all the way and only left when he arrived his destination. When he stood up, a girl with crutches came slowly and sat (I am pretty sure the girl been standing with crutches in front of him...stupid) And the worst, 2 school kids just sat through out the journey while my mom and other senior citizens just stand. Idiots.

However, earlier, a very kind young lady had gave up her seat for my mom while we travelled from KL Sentral to KLCC. So, out of 80% inconsiderate Malaysian, there's still those who able to make us smile.

51 years of independence...and I wonder...

And oh ya...check out this pic...

Merdeka kan?

Later people