Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Blues

So, Arik and Sara dearie got hitched. Congrats to the newlyweds. Owh how I wish I was able to snap their pics...(so,faham2 pic ye)
While on the way driving to their wedding, a car slowed down next to me. And it turned out to be Puan Raja (rrrrr)While driving, I managed to catch the back of her car... (pengantinnya tak amik lak...silly)

Today as usual, busy, busy, busy with 'the job'.Luckily the new officers such a big help(and skillful I must say) helped to arrange and had created beautiful hampers. Which I believe if me, Mazia, Liza, Ez and even Int buat...instead of creating a would be hampeh. Here, the pretty girls pic with their creation.

Amy and Hani posed with their hamper (the resurrection)

Reward...makan time!

The whole day went on smoothly. Keng Fatt was called to help me out in decising whether to buy Vios or not. I must say, I am amazed by his hidden talent (selain mengurat, bijak membeli)

Anyway, the post title doesn't suit the whole event of the day...
It was quite okay...