Thursday, July 30, 2009

Java Raaga

Last 18th of July, myself, Amy and Mazia went for a show at Kotaraya, JB. It was organised by the JB Arts Festival (got to know its the 6th festival already). The splendid show that we attended was a performance by a fusion music group known as AkashA. The genre based mainly on the Indian traditional stream weave with Eastern and Western music, classic versus modern tune. The group formed by 7 talented musicians of different ethnicity, religion, race and even nationality, somehow with one explore the music and bind it into one soul.

Well, for further info, they have their webpage (which I noticed managed by Ruhil Amani) . Here goes...

The guys getting ready to perform (short of 2 orang due to an urgent family matters). Still, it was a great show.

I ended up buying the CD...which my fave track would be none other than Java Raaga. Its a music arranged base on javanese tune, adopted to the Indian musical intrument and a bit of Western guitar plucked by Jamie Wilson. In a simple language - Fabulous! (still humming it til today)

Oh ya, while enjoying the show, I realised Dato' Shahrir Samad's presence...and were able to snap 1 photo with him (I hate this pic tho, simply coz I look fat in it)

Us posed before the show starts...

To you people out there...check out the will serenade you to dream world...(in a positive manner)