Saturday, July 4, 2009

Remembering Uncle Harun.

6.7.08...a simple num to remember (mom said)
That's the day when my Uncle Harun passed away.
In 2 days time, its gonna be a year.
How time flies, we never notice.
Yet he still live in our heart and mind.

It felt as if it was yesterday that my dad woke me up early in the morning with a panic face. Telling me to get ready and to drive them both to check on my uncle whom was still breathing on a life support machine. Well, obviously, his soul had departed from his body at that time.

No one could foresee nor predict the future.
All we can do is, to live it to the fullest.
As if tomorrow would be the last.

This post is dedicated to him.
A pious man with a kind heart.
Altho no blood relations between my father and him, somehow, they developed a very strong relationship. Sort of kindred spirits.
My Uncle Harun came in the early 80's from Myanmar (then it was called Burma) and met with my dad in a train (from KL to Penang)
My dad, being a friendly and a talkative person (which I inherit this from him) started a conversation with this man who just came to Malaysia.
From an innocent chat, blooms into a 30 years of a friendship.
The 2 families became close until this very day.

Then, it was so fun that all of a sudden I had a new sisters, brothers and a personnel doctor...before I was even borned.
All my medication being monitered by Uncle Harun...with no cost obviously.
He opened the first ever clinic at my area 'Poliklinik Telok Ayer Tawar' (yes, the one next to Robina Corner) where I would lepak, going in and out at my own leisure like no body business from that clinic.
There are times when patients met him, I would be kaypoing in the doctor's room.
Never he scold...not even once in my life.

And I still remember how sad I was when they moved to PJ.
They came that night and I pretend to sleep...
It was so sad, as if I would never see him and his family again...

Fast forward a few years or so, I entered UiTM and met him and his wonderful family once again. But I've grown by then. So, no longer feeling sentimental like before...(funny).I would always visit him at every opportunity and Uncle Harun always explained to me when ever I have doubt, uncertain or vague in Islamic teachings. He makes it so easy and makes me understand better bout Islam and how universal Islam is.

And one thing that is still apparent in my mind, is that, each time myself or bro salam his hand, he would always pat on the head...kuat2 lak tu... hmmm

May Allah bless his soul...