Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Anne Frank Diary

Ages it seems since the last update.
Apparently, I've been bogged down with work, my exciting and so-so life(so far)and yada yada yada. Opportunity to blog almost unachievable.Well...

Anyway,after my last trip to Amsterdam, I've been wanting to blog on this particular individual whom was able to shape and change the world long after the World War II. Unfortunately, although her message seems to penetrate the people's understanding on humanity, somehow, it lacking in practice. Yes, I'm talking about the one and only, Anne Frank.

Before going off to Amsterdam, I was well equipped with a novel, with the idea to occupy during the traveling period, however the impact upon me was more than just to pass the time. I got 'The Diary of a Young Girl' from my cousin Bu Jaja, an early Birthday gift. Actually, the novel is a diary-based, written by a Jewish girl, who went into hiding at her father's office (in an annex building) together with her family members comprises of her parents and her elder sister, the Ven Pels family and a dentist named Fritz Pfeffer. It all occurred after 1933 when Adolf Hitler came to power and declared an anti-Jewish regime.

So, they fled from Germany to Amsterdam and stayed in hiding for almost 2 years before they were caught and deported to Auscwitz, the holocaust camp for the Jews, it was a one way trip for sure. Obviously the ending was ugly. I would proposed the novel for your reading pleasure. I'm pretty sure you'll be amaze the fact that Anne Frank was a bright girl with wondrous ideas. In case you are keen to know further, you may visit

While in Amsterdam, I got the opportunity to visit the Anne Frank House. I can't imagine how she managed to stay in that particular annex for 2 years, with no fresh air, not being able to walk freely outside the house, the curtain must not be lifted at any time. Its crazy...I'll go mad for sure.

Coming back home, I am more than grateful with everything.

Somehow, its sad when people being treated in such way.
Regardless of your ethnicity, religion or skin colour.
But then again, the Nazis mistreated the Jews, and the Jewish Zionist are now mistreating the Palestinian.

Wonder why is it people never learn from their mistake...