Monday, January 11, 2010

Adorable, aren't they?

I just got back from a getaway in my effort to destress myself, and got to know that my dear Aniz just delivered a handsome baby boy. Congratulation Nijoh! I bet she's the happiest lady now that she's being surrounded by handsome boy and man (ehem...sorry,can't help it...min,ur still me). On the left hand side, introducing, Arman Rais, born on the 9th of January 2010.

Its so beautiful to witness the miracle in daily life, especially from my closest friends. One after another. It started with Mia and Tariq , to Jas and Din's bundle of joy, then there's Jaja and Sharil beautiful Ayeesha, and also the rest of my former classmate...I believe they are now growing up and every single day without fail still and always will amaze their so-ever-exciting parents with their whiz perhaps a small gesture or even by throwing a simple naughty smile. Browsing Jas's blog, even I am amazed at how our lil Maiqel has developed a skill in negotiation. Well done! :)

I just can't help myself from stalking the latest addition to the human kind, out of my closest friend's contribution. So, here we go...
Azhad Bukharry (Ayu and Zul's handsome boy)

Our little Umar Iskandar could be the next F1 driver huh? Maybe he could attract our beautiful Alysha Charlene Gill enjoying her bubble bath there...
Irsa Hana (Bon and Zimah's baby girl). She has such a unique name. Irsa - Rainbow, Hana - My beloved = My beloved rainbow.

This is another therapy, perhaps, by looking at the cute photos of an innocent and pure heart, it would be able to set a better kind of mood. And yes, we are expecting from our dear Am...soon!