Monday, March 29, 2010

Fever Season

So I was down with fever for almost 2 weeks. After twice visiting the same clinic, and was given two different type of so-called 'strong' antibiotic...still, I was not fit enough for work. The problem is, it became worse while I was coughing and down with fever, plus running nose, I had to give a talk at the Immigration Department. So my two sidekicks followed me. And I must say, with my 'condition', I managed to give a talk which lasted for 2 hours! I pitied the audiences, amounting to 200 officers altogether whom I might had spread my flu and fever to them...he he he.

After the talk, I became even weaker, thanks to the airconditioning system at the Immigration office and the session court which I attended a day earlier. This time around, it really knocked me down.

Finally, after almost 2 weeks of ill, my parents and brother came down from KL (so sweet of them) and the best part is that, mom stayed! yey! And I was then forced to the Hospital, where I did my thorough check up. Ambil darah and x-ray. Was a bit nervous tho since it was my the first time my vein poked for the blood extraction procedure. But I was suprised that it was nothing. The nurse did a well done job. After checking, I complaint bout my body condition, I tend to loose weight, altho I eat a lot. So, again, they need to extract my blood, this time, its for thyroid check up. And how unfortunate that the nurses went off, leaving me with a bunch of medical students from Monash University, doing their practical. And I am the experiment...sigh. But, it was went well. I was about to congratulate the young student, but then again, I saved her from the embarassment.

So, the result for thyroid will only be released in 2 weeks time *finger crossed* And oh yeah, I've recovered since then from my flu and fever. A little of coughing here and there. Should be okay la...