Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Risk Taker

I have always look up on people who dare to take the risk,
Be it, venturing into business, setting up a legal firm, unit trust...just name it!
At a very young age, they are able to enjoy the fruit of their labour.

There are a few of my friends who are now living the luxurious life, driving the latest Mercedes, BMW, using upgraded gadgets etc...
And some, I would say, having the privillege of living a better life. Which is more than enough.

Oh ya, my old friend, Kak Su and her hubby, currently in a process of opening their own restaurant. It is named ' Warisan Tok Aji' at Jalan Kebudayaan 1,Taman University, Skudai. It is located next to Bank Rakyat and near to Ani Sup Utara Restaurant (quite a competition huh). So far, I was informed that they sell 'nasik lauk' during lunch to cater majority of the students there. I've tasted their cooking before, at a different shop own by her mother in law,its nice and reasonable. So friends, perhaps we could support our Kak Su in her effort of embarking into business? (kak, komisen eh)

Later I'm gonna rush from my workplace to the new shop to help her out...

Seronok rasa bila kawan-kawan berjaya.