Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Opposites Attracts Me.

I bet the craze is on for those who enjoys watching current slapstick comedy. After strings of slapstick humours series (Scrubs, My Name is Earl, 30 Rocks) and currently, yes, I am crowning 'Glee' as the Royalty of Slapstick Comedy for its teenage spirit, full of vibrant and rollercoaster emotions plus idiocy humour (that's mouthfull). I bet each and everyone would enjoy it, like I do.

After a marathon of 'Glee', I then watched a more serious kinda movie at HBO yesterday. A remarkable role played by Kate Winslet, that had won her an Oscar for a leading role as Hanna Schmitz, 35, whom had a passionate affair with a boy aged 15 years old,Michael, back in the late of 1950. Fast forward, the boy enrolled in a German University, as a law student, he followed his professor to a court proceeding, where a trial was held over war criminals during the Holocaust, and Hanna was one of the defendant.

While she served her time, he thinks of her every single day, without fail.
Until the very end of it, the love lives on...

The movie really capture and rapture my heart.
It describes 'love' in a more complicated way somehow.
I must say that it is a different kind of a Romeo and Juliet's version, only with the same result.
That's what I would comment about 'The Reader'.

So do watch 'Glee' and 'The Reader', especially.