Sunday, June 27, 2010


Hello, hello!
Sudah lama, saya tau...heh

So, it's so good to be back in my hometown (as always). While waiting to meet up Thamei, I decided to drop by and blog one or two tentative of my life so far.

For the past few months, life has been nothing but a roller coaster ride.
Fast rewind a few days back, I went for a course together with Amy and my dearest Ketim. Its sooo nice to meet her after half a year. And what a pleasant surprised that Ez had joined us too. So, as usual, we meet up Puan Raja and had so-called "kulliyah subuh" that all 4 of us became a zombie the next day. Regardless, we had fun! Girls, I'll post the picture. Its just that, the camera is not with me at the moment.

Then, coming back to the office with a brand new environment. Oh yes, the new officers has been transferred and there's 7 of them altogether. They look so innocent. But I know they gonna do well. This time around they send male officers, and yes they are all from UiTM (heh).

So, before coming back to Penang, Amy had received a very sad news. Her opah had passed away and my condolence to her and her family.

Well, I do not know what had happened but all of a sudden I had acne attack! I stop using the expensive facial cleanser and what not, instead, back to basic, I'm using the powerful traditional "bedak sejuk". Owh, we'll see how...