Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Independence Day

As Eid is approaching, there's a lot of things to be done. And one of it, 'balik kampung' preparation. So, first thing first, 'cuci' my car. Service it thoroughly. Clean it in and out, esp the leather seats which need to be groom. 'Samak' here and there and 'samak' all over. And the result...'suci' finally. Then only it would be proper to ride with my loved ones.

Anyway, its Independence Day!So, what have we achieved so far? What do you understand by the notion of 1 Malaysia? A current slogan by the Prime Minister. With all due respect, I am nothing but confuse. Does it mean 1 nation, 1 country and 1 race? If so, then how come we are still multi racial? I'm pretty sure we're not gonna be like Indonesia or Thailand in that sense. I believe the other races are not ready to give up on their 'sekolah jenis kebangsaan' etc for the sake of being 1 Malaysia. Or...maybe its simpler, it is unity among the races. I agree with Tun Mahathir when he said that only our Prime Minister could clarify and explain the true meaning of 1 Malaysia so it would be clearer and comprehend by our fellow Malaysian. I have a strong understanding that 1 Malaysia is still in line with the Federal Constitution. The living legend Prof. Emeritus Khoo Kay Khim acknowledged the unquestionable constitution of Malaysia. Somehow, some leaders are very bold enough to question on the constitution, indirect, yet obvious. For example on the Malays students right to education (the privilege to be exact), a certain individual had demanded a list of Malay students name that has been selected to study abroad. And the reason use, he/she manipulated the 1 Malaysia notion. Saying that, other races too has the right to study abroad on government scholarship. How sad.

As a concern citizen who loves this country, I am of the opinion that it would be best for us to guard what is ours and respect each other rights.

Happy Independence Day fellow Malaysian!