Friday, March 27, 2009

Our Last Day At The Old Bungalow

Right Now,
I am in the room with Amy busy perusing her ip,
Mazia digging into the trolley checking out her ip,
Two man wrapping the leather sofa to send it off to Nusajaya.

I have to switch off the computer,
The two man are going to pack it into boxes and shift it to Nusajaya.

Now we are here...actually somewhere within this area...that majestic building is Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim. Its a strategic place as it is in the heart of the city, wherelse Nusajaya is a district of its own and the journey from JB town is bout 45 minutes.

No More :
McD breakfast
Court Mammoth's Nasik Lemak
ZZ breakfast meal
City Square
Roti Mamak yang sedap nak mati i.e Sallehuddin


Later peeps