Saturday, April 4, 2009

Home Sweet Home

After 3 weeks I finally return to USJ...
I must confessed back in JB, it was nothing but a whirlwind.
This morning I woke up and hope the whole event is nothing but a dream.
Guess what, reality bites!

Somehow, I'm glad I got to come back home...
Although its for a shortwhile,my heart is resurrect.
Meaning...I can go back to JB and start all over.

This Monday am off to ILKAP for a course.
I'm so happy the fact that Puan Izzaini and Azlina will be attending it too.
Not to mention I'll be seeing my former boss and other seniors from my old unit. attending Money Laundering Course. So, as expected.

I've just got back from MidValley to change some Ringgit into Pound Sterling.
One word to describe the difference...'Gila'

Right, gotta go. I'm starving and dad is cooking mee kuah.Yummy!