Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Taking All of My Energy~

I'm so tired...
PTK had sucked all of our energy.
Is it that hard?
Not really...
Perhaps age is one factor in contributing tiredness? (but I'm not that old)
Or maybe, lack of momentum?
Owh dear, how the hell am I supposed to have the drive for masters?

So after a sour umum paper, we had our khusus paper today.
Which is, way better, altho I have problem with time management...yet am able to answer all.
But overall the course was fun...except the exam part (heh)
The class was okay...most of the time was chatting with Bon and poor him, he had no choice but to layan me or else he'll hibernate...which he did while I was talking to him...mangkok.

Overall its kinda fun for being able to escape from work and court (sorry Kak Laila) and another reason is the fact that I was able to hang out with my friends...and this time around in a smaller group (we are the ppl yang terlepas PTK February) thus we are more united.
Lunch skali, maggie beli skali, photostate skali...dinner skali (sian Emma lambat sebab teman Elin makan ye?)
Discussion skali...with Kak Hazee, Yati, Kak Fit, Kak Juan...
Everything pun nak melepak together la.
And of course, my source of entertainment was Tom and Jerry (none other than Dila and Dona) They are just so cute! Together I mean.

Anyway, last night myself and Liza had gone mad after the umum paper.
I shall upload the Superhero pics once I got it from Liza...and pity Mazia whom had to be our photographer, unwillingly of course! (but who cares right?)
Superhero theme came up when coincidentally we both brought our Superman's shirt *chuckles*

So after the whole damn course had ended, I went for Karok with Yammy...(opsss, sorry Liza)
And it was nothing but fun, fun and fun!
We went from all the updated tunes to the oldies. Ranging from Neyo's to Rahim Maarof to Keri Hilson, back to Nora, crossed to the late MJ and went on to Awie's songs...kira East meet West la.

Oh ya, condolence to the Late MJ and Farra Fawcett...may God bless their souls...

Well, I'm exhausted!
...my only fear is that, at times when I'm too tired...I can't sleep...

Later people.