Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday, anyone?

So lil time, yet so much to do, still am wasting precious time.
This morning (monday yer) its sooo hard for me to wake up. Reason? Had a rough journey back to JB from USJ.We were caught in traffic, there were 2 accidents occured from both lane, on a different occasion.
To all my fellow Malaysian, you may drive as you desire, at a racing course.
But then again, I'm not that courteous either. So boo me!

Anyway, I believe that I had gained some weight.
My shirts and pants are getting tighter each day.
Had a marvellous meal back home:
1. Sari Ratu - yummy good
2. Orkid Thai - havennn

Camner ni?
Its okay, this week kinda hectic. Have a lot of work to do. And I pity Kak Laila that she had to share piece of the work due to shortage of officers and time of course.
Then I have to attend the PTK for a week or so...the course is fixed from 21 til 30th of June.
So...that should be the slim down a bit...he he he
But I really pity Amy whom will be left alone since neither me nor Mazia is around.
Hopefully Iffa can teman her.

I really wish I could take up my PTK with my dear Tim and Nana, but they took earlier. But better still, I have my Jac and Bon for me to rely on...*evil laugh*

Take Care.