Thursday, May 28, 2009

The Difference Between Love and Obsession?

What is the difference between the two?

I've posed this question and got an answer by my dearie:

'Love is when you wanna be with that person, grow old together and be with him/her for the rest of your life. Whereas obsession, you are crazy about this person and you wanna have this person."

what is love without obsession? I'm positive even the purest sweetest love would entangled by at least a slight of obsesiveness and possessiveness. But then again, possesive intertwine with jealousy(which I do not desire to comment on the latter)

Agree with me that love unites with obsessive feelings?

Does obsession stands on its own?
An instance, you think of this person, you fall very hard, wanting to be with him or her all the time. All of a sudden, a voice inside your twisted mind hum:
"Do you love him?"
"Maybe...but I can't stop thinking bout him day and counting the days to spend more time together.Love?Well, I would love to meet him. But then again, I'm not sure...I don't know whether I love him."

Aha, could it be the flick of love?
Or its just mere obsessive feeling?
Obsession often mislead love - e.g It must be love since I think of him, wanting him, crazy bout him
And obsession also leads to lust...(do we need to elaborate on this?)

But I agree with the answer given earlier, that obsession is formed due to an uncontrollable a simple word 'crazy'. But one must caution it with a phrase 'thrill of a chase'.
After series of sense that the obsession lessen from day to day...
There is no more fun...not interested anymore...bye-bye?
Is it equivalents to rebound? (in a way it does contribute)

Agree with me that it is unhealthy for a relationship based on obsession?
Worse if it is one-sided emotions.
Example, A is obsessed with B while B doesn't bother bout A.
How do we cope then? Is it true love? Can love be nurture in this text?

Love + Obsession = True Love
Obsession - Love (or think it is love) = Disaster
Or Obsession - Love = Lust

Is it safe for me to differentiate it in such way?

Am I right?Or am i right?