Sunday, May 3, 2009

"Don't forget me"
"I wont remember anything else"

I saw this one movie the other day. A snippet taken where two lovers were in a commotion i.e on the verge of breaking up. I felt for the script at instant. Sweet...yet it is still painful.Obviously, no matter how amicable a break up is, the bitterness is still strong especially when unable to end it properly. Just to go through this pain, one even avoid of falling at the first place. Thus, closes his/her heart and shuts the feeling completely. But then again, it is normal for a person to fall in love and to fall out of love. The question is whether you have made the right choice?

One must bear in mind, if you are not meant to be with that matter how hard you try or do...pointless as it is. In the end, put your chin up and learn to let go.

For God works in a mysterious ways.