Tuesday, May 12, 2009


Now am a bit free.
Unlike when I was attached to the Magistrate court for a couple of weeks.
I must admit, it was insanly hectic.
I wonder, whether a busy court (mad house more like it) should there be only 1 officer to manage it? Frankly speaking...No.
The volume of work (fuhhh) and the snobish magistrate (not all, some) who thinks that the DPP attached to the court are their subordinate (Big Mistake).
But all in all, it was a good exposure, yet tiring.

So we are still trying to settle down at our new office.
At times there's electric short circuit...as a result, left us in the dark for a few hours.
And my cube? Nothing like a dumpster. Yes, am guilty of being too lazy to decorate my cube.
My problem is that, I have a big box containing all my office stuffs frommy old room to accomodate a lil cute cube. How? Banyak tu... (now I understand the anguish faced by Kak Fara when she had to unpack her stuffs from 1 whole house into a small room when she decided to move and rent a house with me then)

Anyway, last Saturday was 'Mother's Day' and I gave mama a card which describe her perfectly...a pic of a lady resting on a sofa holding a 'mom's mug' and at her feet there's a fat cat, chilling. Marvellous! And I then promised to cook for her the next day. So myself and Amy prepared steamboat for her. Which turn out to be, Amy and mama (the celebrated person) who prepared the meal since I was bogged down with work. Another weekend wasted with work. Sigh...
Should we opt for another work people?

Mazia called me earlier.
I was informed that her pet muttakose is dead (girls, pls call and comfort her)
Gonna hang out with her later...
Now I'm off to court.